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James Harden Visits Meek Mill in Prison: Paying FREE MEEK Tribute Thursday via Sneakers

James Harden is an NBA player with the Houston Rockets. He’s also a serious Meek Mill fan. And, he has the sneakers to prove it. You can catch glimpses of his special edition FREE MEEK sneakers in Thursday’s game.

FREE MEEK Special Edition Sneakers
FREE MEEK Special Edition Sneakers. Image Source: Kickstradomis/Twitter

Harden’s Prison Visit with Meek Mill

Harden isn’t just a fan of the Philadelphia rapper. He’s also a longtime friend of Meek’s. The rapper is currently serving a 2-4 year prison sentence for parole violations.

For Thursday’s game, the Rockets will play against the Boston Celtics. Since he was on the East Coast for the game, James Harden decided to pay his friend a prison visit on Tuesday, according to DeAntae Prince of Sports Illustrated.

After his prison visit to see Meek, the Rockets star posted on his Instagram:

Got a chance to see my bro @meekmill today. His spirit is high and hopefully we can get him out by February. Told me to tell y’all when he get out he got some [fire] for y’all.

Special-Edition Sneakers Dedicated to ‘Free Meek’ Cause

And, for the game on Thursday, Harden plans to wear a pair of sneakers dedicated to the rapper. These special-edition kicks read FREE MEEK and feature the rapper’s label’s logo. He’s currently signed under Maybach Music Group

He’s wearing the FREE MEEK sneakers as a tribute to his rapper friend. The NBA star is also trying to bring more attention to his case, hoping to do his part to get him released.

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Meek Mill has received support from prison advocates and numerous celebrities. This is especially true for the hip-hop and NBA communities. And, Thursday, Harden will let the world know he stands behind the rapper by sporting his special-edition FREE MEEK sneakers during the game.

The game will be hosted in Boston and nationally televised. Here are those special FREE MEEK kicks you can expect to see Harden sporting in Thursday’s game:

James Harden is a massive NBA star with the 7th largest sports contract in the world. His contract with the Houston Rockets is worth a whopping $228,000,000.

Check out the Instagram post from Harden below encouraging fans to sign the #FreeMeek petition.

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