Jodi Arias Request Prison Leave for Funeral of Her father
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Famous Prisoners: Jodi Arias May Request Leave from Prison for Dad’s Funeral

Famous prisoner Jodi Arias has lost her father. A family member says she might request for a supervised visit to attend her father’s funeral. Jodi is serving a life sentence for the 2008 murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander. Jodi’s father, William A. Arias, 68, died on September 19.

Jodi Arias Request Prison Leave for Funeral of Her fatherThe family member said the news of her father’s death has left Jodi very distraught. And that “she wants to see her family and pay her respects”. It is possible for a prison inmate in Arizona to attend the funeral or memorial service of loved ones.

But there are conditions for the request to be granted. The event must hold within Arizona and not outside the state. The funeral or memorial service must also not be one for a cremated body or for a closed casket service.

For now, it is not clear if Jodi’s father will be interred at Arizona or California. She won’t be able to attend if it holds in California.

DOC Says Jodi Arias Has Not Made Any Requests Yet

The request may take days to be reviewed and granted by the Arizona Department of Corrections. Where it is ultimately granted, the prison inmate will be strictly monitored until they return to prison facilities.

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For Jodi Arias however, Director of Communications and Media Relations for the Arizona department of corrections, Andrew Wilder, said no such request has been received from the famous prisoner.

Jodi and Travis Had Sex, Slept, Took Photos Before She Killed Him

Travis Alexander Murdered in Shower By Jodi AriasJodi was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 for the 2008 killing of her boyfriend. She is given no possibility for parole.

She first denied having anything to do with the death of Travis Alexander, urging detectives to get his killer(s).

But video evidence and testimony of friends proved Jodi visited Travis on June 4, 2008 and after a sex romp, killed him with a gun. She had thereafter left for Utah on a date with another man.

She ultimately agreed to killing Travis but claimed it was in self-defense. She claimed to have shot him after he attacked her for dropping his new camera. But evidence also showed she stabbed him repeatedly.

A motivational speaker and businessman, the body of Travis had been discovered five days after his death. Travis had rejoiced at the verdict of a life sentence for Jodi, and the legal proceedings had been celebrated in the media at the time.

 A professional photographer, Jodi committed the crime when she was 28, but is now 37 years old.

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