Katie Irving was Empowered by the #MeToo Movement to Report Sexual Assault Committed by a Correctional Officer
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Kenosha County Jail Guard Lands in Prison for Sexually Assaulting a Woman

A correctional officer at Kenosha County Detention Center, Jonathan M. Kwiatkowski, is serving a 6-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting a women inmate. Thirty-one-year-old Katie Irving filed a lawsuit against the prison guard for the assault.

Irving is a free woman today, and living clean and sober. Her story of sexual abuse in Kenosha County Jail comes during the midst of the #MeToo movement.

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Katie Irving Assaulted by Wisconsin Correctional Officer

Kwiatkowski committed the offense when Irving visited the prison facility to switch the electronic monitor on her ankle.

According to Irving, the incident happened on July 11, 2015. She was on probation for drug charges with an electronic monitor fastened to her leg. Since the bracelet was heavy and hurting her ankle, she wanted it removed and put to the other leg.

She met Kwiatkowski in the company of another guard. But the latter soon left and she was left alone in the room with the correctional officer.

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Katie Irving was Empowered by the #MeToo Movement to Report Sexual Assault Committed by a Correctional Officer
Katie Irving was Empowered by the #MeToo Movement to Report Sexual Assault Committed by a Correctional Officer. Image Source: JS Online

Prison Guard Accessed Irving’s Prison File & Sent Explicit Text Messages

Katie Irving recounted that the prison guard pushed her against a locker and slid his hand into her pants. He was physically stronger and couldn’t fight him off. She tactically warned him that the other guard could come back but her assailant said he was closed for the day.

Irving expressed concern with the cameras but the guard he had earlier turned them off. He only let her go when she cried that her prison ride could leave without her.

The Wisconsin prisoner reported that previous to the assault, Kwiatkowski had been inundating her with text messages for as long as she could remember. He would text to inquire what she was wearing and requested for her photos in bikini.

Irving was sentence for a fourth conviction for drug-related offences, including DUI and crashing her car against a tree.  She had been to jails a number of times.

On this occasion, the judge decided against jailing her again, but placed her on electronic ankle monitor. Kwiatkowski and other officers supervised offenders within the monitoring program, and this gave him access to Irving’s file where her contact details were obtained.

Irving Advises Other Women Inmates to Speak Up Against Sexual Assault

On another violation, Irving landed back at the Kenosha County Jail where she opened up to a female guard. The guard brought in detectives. And when Irving showed them the text messages among other proofs, Kwiatkowski was nailed.

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Two other women approached the courts and gave proof that Kwiatkowski sexually assaulted them as well.  He owned up to the felony and was jailed for six years.

About Sexual Assault: Advise to Incarcerated Women

But now Irving has a sound advice to women everywhere, including those incarcerated:

“If you have ever been assaulted, harassed or made to feel uncomfortable at the expense of another person’s unwanted advances or comments, speak up. If we stand together as women and say we will no longer tolerate this behavior, only then will we see the change necessary to prevent further acts of sexual aggression against us.”

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