Kevin Gates Celebrates Father's Day with His Kids.
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Kevin Gates Plans Testimonies for Kids After Prison Release

Most of the time when people are released from prisons, there is this “new you” that manifests. Kevin Gates is no exception. He has his own plans and testimonies to share with the youth after his prison release.

Kevin Gates Finds Bad Luck in 2017

Kevin Gates is planning on tell his life story while in prison to as many people as he can. It was a very unlucky time for him back in March 2017. He was just about to be released from a Florida jail when he landed back behind bars again.

His first detention was due to kicking a woman on the chest during his performance. The second arrest, he was accused of possessing a gun illegally.

Kevin Gates Prison Update
Kevin Gates Prison Update. Image Source: YouTube

Kevin Gates Plans Testimony for the Youth of America

Kevin Gates is scheduled to be released on a parole come June 2018. His plan is to reach out to various organizations including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Gates will share his story and regrets on the decisions he made. Kevin is set to devote his time and resources, talking to distressed kids. He would do this by sharing his anecdotes from his own life.

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Famous prisoner Kevin Gates keeps getting conflicting parole dates.
Famous prisoner Kevin Gates keeps getting conflicting parole dates. Image Source: XXL Mag

It might seem scary to the young generation. But it’s a lesson they need to learn. He hopes they will not fall into the same pitfalls as he has.

Kevin Gates… the Family Man is Back

Kevin Gates is also anxious to reunite with his wife and kids. According to his attorney, he is yearning to set his kids on a straight path. He also plans to get back to his career in the music industry.

Kevin Gates Celebrates Father's Day with His Kids.
Kevin Gates Celebrates Father’s Day with His Kids. Image Source: imgrum

Prison Rideshare Network reports that despite stumbling blocks in Gates’ career, he was able to drop some new hits. The reasons are still unclear on why his parole release date was changed.

He posted an encouraging letter to his fans and followers on his Instagram page, Maybe his efforts to speak with the youth of America will have an impact on the country school-to-prison pipeline.

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