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Kids Get the Chance to Visit Parents in Prison in This PACT Video

#PrisonRideshare needs your help. 

Once in a while when prisoners who have families (especially kids) on the outside get to meet, the moment is always passionate and priceless on both ends. Beyond the systemic restrictions and moderation on prison visitation, transportation and lack of enough support structure are two critical vacuums that need attention.

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Just like the people in the video below, we understand how important it is for kids to have rides to prisons to visit their incarcerated fathers AND mothers. That’s why @prisonridesharenetwork is trying so hard to get their network back up and running. But, we need the public’s support. Please check out our crowdfunding project at



Most prisoners are incarcerated miles away from their family, which makes going to see them a bit more tedious. A lot of people share these problems too and if there was a network of convergence, this could be easy.


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Prison Ride Share Network is one of the few non-governmental organizations looking to come to the party with solutions as regards prison visitations. Boasting of an active network of ride share companies, an active prison loved ones community and a wide range of programs tailored at catering for prison loved ones. Read More

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