Some very intuitive kids sat down and questioned felons about jail. They asked some interesting questions.
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Watch: Intuitive Kids Question Felons About Jail (Video)

Recently, Baller Status reported on a few children got to meet up with guys with felonies. These intelligent kids sat down and questioned felons about jail.

The video below shows the entire interactions between the felons and the children (video at bottom of page). One of the felons is named Jeff. Some of the children who questioned felons about jail are Helena, Ethan, Kyle and Brett.

2 young boys sit down and questioned felons about jail.
2 young boys sit down and talk with a felon about prison.
Image Source: YouTube

Questions Asked By Kids Who Questioned Felons About Jail

Q: Do you have any kids, sisters and brothers?

A: Yes I do.

Q: Who do you love most in the world?

A: My wife

Q: Where do you work, what do you do at your job and how long do you work?

A: I work at a warehouse. My work is to drive a forklift. I work from 6 or 7am to 6 or 7 pm.

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble?

A: Yes I have. I was in serious trouble that made me get grounded for a long time and restricted to leave a certain area.

Q: Have you ever been through jail before?

A: (Jeff) Yes. I wasn’t a god boy.

Q: What did you get in trouble for?

A: I was growing marijuana

Q: What is marijuana?

A: It is a drug that was illegal then but is legal now.

Q: Are you a drug dealer?

A: I have been called that so I guess yes.

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Q: have you ever been arrested?

A: Yes

Q: why were you arrested?

A: I was in possession of a gun.

Q: Why were you arrested for having a gun?

A: you have to go through a process to get a gun. I did not know about the process and went ahead to get a gun.

Q: Why did you want a gun?

A: Where I grew up it is pretty tough. I took it upon myself to prepare myself for war.

Q: Did you ever use your gun?

A: No. I was I did not get to use it but I was ready to like for example if somebody tried anything on my daughter or has a problem with me. I knew I needed to protect myself.

Some very intuitive kids sat down and questioned felons about jail. They asked some interesting questions.
Some very intuitive kids sat down and questioned felons about jail. They asked some interesting questions.
Image Source: Baller Status

Q: Was jail boring?

A: Yes it was extremely boring. Watching a lot of TV is what you did.

Q: What did the jail look like?

A: A room with 4 walls

Q: What was in the cell?

A: A bed with a toilet next to the sink

Q: Where would you go for the bathroom?

A: Right there in front of everyone.

Q: Can you have a phone in jail?

A: No. All phones are taken away.

Q: Was there anybody else in the cell with you?

A: It depends with how you are individually. For example if you are an angry person you stay in a cell alone.

Q: What did you eat in jail?

A: Not so many good things. They had nasty stuff like meatloaf in the cafeteria.

Q: Did you make friends in jail?

A: Not exactly friends. You needed to make friends with people who can protect you.

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Q: Are Backs and Latinos not allowed to interact?

A: The blacks and the Latinos just do not socialize together. It is very competitive as everyone is trying to be better than the other. I need to get to you before you can get to me.

Q: Have you ever tried to escape from prison?

A: No. I knew I would get caught.

Kid: Maybe if you were smart you would have been able to escape.

Q: Are you a felon?

A: Yes I am. I wish I wasn’t but it is something I cannot change.

Q: As a felony how is your life different?

A: The biggest change is employers do not want to hire people who have been convicted of felons. I cannot own a gun and I cannot vote. You lose your right to vote you get a felony.

Kid: Everyone should give everybody a second chance.

Q: What are you filing for?

A: Expungement. This a process that can get of my felonies reduced to a misdemeanor. It costs a lot of money but I am working on it.

Q: Are you still getting watched over by the police?

A: No. They noticed that I was doing good and keeping out of trouble. Hence they decided they could let me live my life without them watching over me.

Q: Do you regret what you did?

A: Every single day of my life.

Q: Are you happy that you are now free and are reconnected with your family?

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A: Yes. I figured you have to go through the hard times to get to the good times.

Girl questions a felon about being in prison.
Girl questions a felon about being in prison.
Image Source: YouTube

Questions Felons Asked Children About Life

The children brought up some interesting topics as they questioned felons about jail. And, in return, those same felons got the chance to ask the kids some questions about safety and life in general.

Q: Do you guys think you need to protect yourselves when you walk to school or while walking home?

A: Not really. People are really nice to us at school.

Q: Have you guys ever gotten in trouble?

A: Yes. A lot of times. We are the troublemakers.

Q: Do you think I am a bad person because I have been to prison and have felonies?

A: No.

Kid: Everybody has good in them.

Video: Kids Meet Guys with Felonies

Check out the video below. Some of the scenes touch on really deep subjects as the kids questioned felons about jail. There are also some scenes that are quite entertaining.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by WatchCut Video:

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