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Murderer Phil Spector Begins Romantic Affair with New Lover in Prison

Phil Spector, a music producer turned murderer, has fallen head over heels in love in prison.

Phil lspectorWhat began as a prison correspondence has dovetailed into a romantic relationship. His new lover is Julie Johnson, the founder of an environmental design company in California.

Close sources say Johnson fell for Spector because she loves his way with words. He is said to have a way of writing that gets women to get emotional with him.

What started as prison correspondence between Spector and Johnson has now ripened to a romantic affair.

Spector’s $35 Million Fortune Now the Subject of Family Feud

According to sources, Spector and Johnson met two years ago after the latter defended his innocence on Facebook. “Julie was on his visitors’ list, seeing him weekly, taking collect calls from him every night,” a source said. “It got to be so serious, there was talk of marriage!”

Phil Spector is now 77 years old. But his recently-disclosed relationship with Johnson is now without its own problems. Spector married 37-year-old Rachelle Short in 2006. Despite initiating divorce proceedings in 2016, the marriage has not been legally annulled yet. Spector has a $35 million fortune that currently the subject of a family feud.

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Daughter Nicole Has Complete Control of Spector’s Money

Phile Spector
Phil Spector
Helen Mirren and Al Pacino in HBO Films’ “Phil Spector.”

Spector is serving 19 years to life for tragically shooting starlet Lana Clarkson to death in 2003. His wife Short has been alleged to be spending his money anyhow in his absence. Spector’s adopted twin sons Gary and Louis have joined the fray.

He adopted the twins from Ronnie Spector, his first wife. The twins now charge that daughter Nicole is not Spector’s natural daughter. Spector had impregnated his former assistant Janice Zavala and she had given birth to Nicole.

Gary is even said to have threatened that Nicole would “wish she was adopted” if she fails a DNA test. In a twist of events, killer Spector had handed over total control of his money to Nicole. The face-off within the killer’s family and relatives is now getting wider and wider with the murderous musician remaining incarcerated.


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