No. Kim K did not get arrested. But, she did visit the California Women’s Prison known as CIW.
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Kim Kardashian Takes on Women’s Prison Reform at CIW in Corona, CA

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has over the past few months been working on prison reform projects that have kept the world on the edges of their seats. Kim K-West has been reported to be working with various people that run prison reform organizations.

An example is Jared Kushner, President Trump’s adviser, and son-in-law. Jared runs the President’s administration work that deals with prison reforms. Kim has been reported to be in talks with him on matters concerning mass incarceration and revamping the US prison system.

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Women’s Prison Reform: Kim Kardashian Visits California’s CIW Facility

According to an inmate we’ll call AC, at the California Institution for Women (CIW), the reality TV star visited their facility on Friday the 6th of July. AC tells us Kim was at the facility for a while and took her time first touring the center before meeting up with the inmates.

After Mrs. West’s tour, she met up with 15 CIW women inmates who are being held at the facility. Both the tour and meeting with these women helped her course as the main agenda of her visit was to know more about how a normal day for the women at the facility looks and feels like.

Judging from AC’s excitement as she talked about the visit, it seems that Kim’s visit to CIW really uplifted the women’s spirits and encouraged them.

Kim Kardashian’s New Projects for Newly Released Women

Ms. Kardashian-West announced she is working on a new project to help women that have recently been released from prison.

The project will work with such women to ensure that their re-entry into the society is made easier.

Kim’s Meeting with President Trump

Kim Kardashian met up with President Donald Trump in May this year in his oval office to persuade him to grant the Presidential mercy to an inmate Alice Marie Johnson.

Ms. Johnson, a 62-year-old great-grandmother, was convicted for a nonviolent drug crime and was serving a life sentence back in 1996 (about 22 years ago).

President Trump gave in to Kim’s persuasion and a few days after their meeting he granted Johnson the Presidential mercy and had her released.

Prison Reform News: Kim Kardashian Successfully Lobbies For Freedom for Alice Johnson

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