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Last Mile: Second Chances – XM’s New Show on Women’s Prison Reform

Last Mile: Second Chances is an exclusive new show that will air at 9.00 am ET on Sirius XM’s urban view channel 126. The show focuses on helping women transition from prison and start afresh.

About the Host of Last Mile: Second Chances

Topeka K. Sam justice reforms advocate will host the show. Topeka has served 3 years in prison. This is good for the show since she clearly understands this traumatizing and difficult transition experience, especially for women.

Activist Topeka K. Sam, host of SiriusXM's Last Mile, Second Chances
Activist Topeka K. Sam, host of SiriusXM’s Last Mile, Second Chances. Image Source: Yahoo

She has the passion to see a smooth transition. Topeka has also served as a director which is a plus for her. Her experience makes her to be the most sought-after host to manage this life-changing show.

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Forget the Past, Turn a New Leaf

Urban view has a mission to foster change in the society.Last Mile: Second Chances fits into the mission perfectly. The show will perfectly guide women on what to do next from prison.

Women desire to fit in the society the soonest possible. Last Mile: Second Chances creates a platform to aid the transition. Women are expected to open up about their experience through the penitentiary system. It is the first step to rebuilding.

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Guests and Topics of Discussion

To spice up the show, Topeka has amazing guests who will grace the show. They will be tackling diverse issues affecting incarcerated women. They will also assist women from prison to “get back” to the society and to their loved ones. Some of the issues to be discussed include:

  • Disenfranchisement
  • Ripple effects on women
  • Incarceration in details
  • Ripple effects of women incarceration
  • Paying restitution
SiriusXM's Last Mile: Second Chances Hosts
SiriusXM’s Last Mile: Second Chances Hosts. Image Source: Heyman Center

The guests lined up for the Last Mile: Second Chances show are:

  • Susan Rosenberg
  • Michael Jones
  • Johnny Perez
  • Vivian Guerra
  • James Kilgore

These guests are expected to facilitate the program. They are very diverse in their fields of work. The show is expected to give the host a milestone in achieving her mission.

Topeka has founded several ministries which will assist her in the big score. The ministries include:

  • The ladies of hope ministries
  • Hope homes NYC
  • The national council for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls
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