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Life After Girls Incarcerated: Brianna Guerra Teaches Forgiveness to Teen Girls

The most infamous inmate of Girls Incarcerated, Brianna Guerra, shows troubled teens everywhere a life after crime is possible. You can start over, and forgive those who have wronged you.

Brianna Guerra, the self-proclaimed bad girl from Netflix’s Girls Incarcerated has turned over a new leaf. After spending four years of her youth in and out of juvenile correction facilities, she is free and taking her life by storm.




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Over a year ago at 17, Guerra appeared on the screen of Netflix’s popular show about teen girls serving time in Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Brianna had a temper and picked fights with anyone who crossed her path. She had already been arrested for:

  • Drinking
  • Drug use
  • Armed robbery

The incarcerated teen had a lot of lessons to learn, especially controlling her impulses and reactions.

How Family Can Make a Difference to Those Incarcerated

Luckily, Brianna’s family had faith in her and did not give up on her. This was her inspiring force and saving grace. She wanted to work towards being someone they would not be ashamed of later in life.

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Ms. Brianna wanted to improve and stay out of trouble.

While in Madison, she considered joining the military. Right before she was to be released, her demons got the best of her. She started lashing out once again.

This time, though, she sorts through things with a counselor. With her family behind her, things look promising.

Unfortunately, she was detained a month after release in another Indiana facility. With the closing of Madison Juvenile Correction Facility, and the end of Girls Incarcerated, what happened to Brianna Guerra?

Did she continue her life of crime?

Girls Incarcerated Update: Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility Is Now Closed

Girls Incarcerated: The Great Transformation of Brianna Guerra

If you rooted for her while watching the show, we are happy to learn Brianna is no longer incarcerated! At 19, she takes as many opportunities as she can to improve herself and her life. She is using her ‘negative notoriety’ as a positive.

Brianna set up shop on the Internet and created her brand. She is posting videos on her new channel on YouTube. According to her, this is a way to assess her progress and share her feelings since her release.

At 19 years old, and after being incarcerated most of her teens, the now-young adult is an inspiration to other troubled teens. She believes in God and doing unto others as you would have done to you.

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It is amazing to see such a transformation of the tough little girl we saw onscreen. She is still tough, but you see her gentler side more.

Not much time has passed since her release and she is learning and aware of emotional triggers more than most her age. You have to forgive others if you want God to forgive you. Let go of the anger.

Video: Girls Incarcerated’s Brianna Guerra Teaches Forgiveness

These are important things to remember and things many of our troubled teens go through. Anger is paramount and the root of many of their actions when they act out. At 19, Brianna understands this and lives it.

Check out the video below. Brianna Guerra seems to really be going through a major transformation. Forgiveness is not a word that used to be in her vocabulary.

Where Is Brianna Guerra Now?

Not only has she grown emotionally and in maturity, she started her own little store to sell merchandise. As a newbie entrepreneur, it is still a small store. But small steps lead to big things.

We support our loved ones upon their release from prison. Teens need extra support and direction. As quick as she was released, she was detained. Let’s help break the cycles and support her positive growth with her store.

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Having something to work towards for Brianna will break the cycle of recidivism for herself. Just as it breaks the cycles for others upon release if they have something positive in their lives.

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