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Visiting the Prison to see loved ones goes beyond just visiting to say hello, it means more than you may know. The result of a study by researchers at the Minnesota Department of correction highlights an interesting trend. The study found that Inmates who were visited personally at least once over the course of their stay in Prison were 25% less likely to return to prison on a technical parole violation and had 13% less probability of committing another felony.

The study monitored 16,000 inmates in five years, making it the largest and comprehensive of it kind, according to the director of research for the Department of correction Mr. Grant. One of the major revelation from the study is that the more personal visit prisoners receive, the lesser the chance of reoffending after release.

Numerous studies share similar opinion about the effects of visits by friends, family, organizations and personalities as being overwhelmingly positive. However, the study shockingly reveals that visit by an inmate’s ex-spouse will do more harm than good.

Regardless of how busy your schedule, how emotionally demanding visits get for you or other hindering factors, abandoning loved ones is prison should never be an option. To help you make prison visits easier, we’ve shared a list of reputable prison transportation companies and links to their website.Read More

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