Love After Lockup: Prison fiance gets "interrogated" by her friends about her prison love at her bridal shower.
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Love After Lockup TV Series Features Stories of Amazing Prison Loves (Video)

If you watched 90 Day Fiance, then you shouldn’t miss Love After Lockup. It’s about six couples and the prison loves that led to marriage after release.

Love After Lockup: This couple just doesn't seem to be getting along well.
Love After Lockup: This couple just doesn’t seem to be getting along well. Image Source: WeTV

Surprisingly, all of the prison couples met online and/or through prison pen pal services. They were looking for true love. Now, they’re just hoping to make it to their wedding days.

Love After Lockup: Will They Make It to the Alter?

Both docuseries were produced by the same team. Love After Lockup will premier on January 12, 2018 on WE TV. It tells the story of six prison couples who struck up relationships behind bars. They finally get their chances to date in the free world, after spending years dealing with:

  • Supervised prison visits
  • Recorded, non-private calls
  • Letters and pictures via prison mail

The question is… will their relationships on the outside survive until they take their marriage vows?

Love After Lockup: This soon-to-be bride doesn't seem to want to go through with it now.
Love After Lockup: This soon-to-be bride doesn’t seem to want to go through with it now.

This hilarious TV docuseries details the awkwardness of the couples as they meet outside prison walls for the very first time. It follows how they struggle to be natural on their first real dates ever.

 Problems Prison Lovers Face After Reentry into Society

 Almost all prison romance or love affair is supervised. Visits are monitored and phone calls are recorded. Sometimes letters are read by prison officials before being passed over, and no personal contacts are allowed.

Most prison inmates are used to supervised contacts and their first meeting with their romantic half outside prison walls is usually awkward. They fumble for words and their first intimate moments are replete with nerve-wracking episodes.

The awkwardness of ex-convicts meeting with their romantic lover outside prison walls for the first time is further worsened by the personal challenges they face. These include society reentry problems, parole and probation restrictions, difficulties landing a job, and family biases.

Love After Lockup: This couple finally meets in person for the first time on prison release day.
Love After Lockup: This couple finally meets in person for the first time on prison release day.

There is also housing problems and the risks of violations that could increase their chances of recidivism. These factors among others shaped the circumstances under which these six prison lovebird couples met to enter into marriage outside prison walls.

The 6 Prison Couples of Love After Lockup

Meet the six couples of Love After Lockup who found prison love behind bars and are now talking marriage after release:

Love After Lockup: Will this couple's bliss continue to last, at least until the big day?
Love After Lockup: Will this couple’s bliss continue to last, at least until the big day?

1. Johnna and Garrett

Originally from Tampa in Florida, Johnna was drunk on the evening she began to surf online for internet love. She met Garrett online and struck up a love relationship. Garrett is serving seven years for grand theft and burglary.

2. Andrea and Lamar

From Lehi in Utah, Andrea and Lamar met online and initiated a romantic affair. Andrea is Mormon with three kids, and Lamar used to be a rapper on the edge of completing 18 years in prison.

3. Mary and Dominic

Both from Toronto, both Mary and Dominic had become acquainted with each other before the latter went to prison. Dominic is serving six years incarceration for aggravated assault.

4. Alla and James

These are from Chicago. Alla is imprisoned for five years for selling heroine when she met James via a prison pen pal service. They began a prison relationship that led to some promises outside the prison walls.

5. Angela and Tony

Based in Grenada, Mississippi, Angela and Tony met via a prison pen-pal while Tony is serving three years for firearm possession. Tony is 13 years Angela’s junior. She started dating inmates after the death of her former boyfriend.

6. Scott and Lizzie

From Oxnard in California, both couple met through a prison dating site. Lizzie is in prison for DUI while Scott has sent up to $20,000 since they began dating. Scott’s financial help made his family to believe the female inmate is dating him for his money.

Video: Watch This Trailer from Love After Lockup

Enjoy a chat between these six ladies as they discuss their prison loves on Love After Lockup. See the video below.

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