LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Alla Subbotina mug shot photos.
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Love After Lockup: Meet the Chicago Man Who Weds a Wisconsin Prisoner

The drama unfolds in the season premiere of Love After Lockup TV series. The viewers got a peep of the bond between James Cristia, the Chicago IT director, and Alla Subbotina, a Wisconsin prisoner.

This was a taste of the last week show. Much more is anticipated come next season.

About WE TV’s Love After Lockup: Cristia and Subbotina

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Alla Subbotina mug shot photos.
LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Alla Subbotina mug shot photos. Image Source: Fanuendo

Love after lockup is a WE TV series. It airs every Friday from 9 PM. The story revolves around six couples who try to make their love thrive after one partner is released from prison.

Cristia and Subbotina found each other through a prison pen-pal service. They often wrote letters which turned to phone calls and later visits to the prison.

Subbotina was released on extended supervision. A trailer for the next season shows Cristia and Subbotina planning on their future. Both of them are seen looking at rings and having a discussion of the possibility to have a child.

Has Cristia Already Betrayed Subbotina?

On last week’s premiere, Cristia mentioned about being married for eight years with two kids. Until then, he had failed to mention his divorce agreement with his ex-wife. He filed a divorce in Cook County in December 2016.

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According to executive vice president of the original programming, Lauren Gellert, the divorce topic on Cristia’s case will soon explode later in the season.

On the other hand, Subbotina runs into problems too. Investigations are on from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Subbotina is investigated on whether she violated the rules of her supervision.

Cristia & Subbotina on Love After Lockup: Will this couple's bliss continue to last, at least until the big day?
Cristia & Subbotina on Love After Lockup: Will this couple’s bliss continue to last, at least until the big day? Image Source: WE TV

Now famous prisoner Alla Subbotina is accused of:

  • Using illegal drugs
  • Lying to the enforcement
  • Leaving the prison without a travel permit

Subbotina was picked up by Illinois law enforcement. This happened days before last week’s premier of WE TV’s new after-release prison series.

Love after Lockup will be renewed for next season with either, Cristia and Subbotina’s love affair or an introduction to new couples. The film team is focused on giving the viewers a good prison love story to hear.

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