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Prison Movie Review: Like Prison Break, Lucknow Central Is Partial Disaster

Just like Prison Break, the new prison movie Lucknow Central is a partial disaster. It is not only similar to Prison Break and Qaidi Band, Lucknow Central takes on their seeming deficiencies.

A jail break movie is supposed to be suspense-filled with a feeling of urgency. Farhan Akhtar’s jail break film started with a big promise but tempered off to a dismal salutation.

The main casts of Lucknow Central are Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Ronit Roy, Deepak Dobriyal, and Ravi Kishan among other supporting casts. It was directed by Ranjit Tiwari.

The jail break movie lasts an average of 147 minutes. Farhan Akhtar took on the character of Kishan Girhotra and Ronit Roy assumed the character of Shrivastava, a prison jailor.

Farhan Recruits Fellow Inmates to Strategize On Breaking Out Of Jail

In the middle of dreaming big to form a band, Farhan finds himself in prison. He was charged for killing an IAS officer. As transpired with Prison Break, Farhan manages to subvert some few inmates to his private cause.

A group of five, they strategize on how the break out of prison. Only trouble is that Jailor Shrivastava proved more formidable than they had imagined.

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The jail break film Lucknow Central has a lot of flashbacks. Just like Prison Break and Qaidi Band. Flashbacks are not altogether bad or out of place for films of this kind, but they interrupt a scene.

It breaks the normal chronological development or flow of the story. Flashbacks are however great in that they provide background insights into the person of a character and events that shape his present actions.

Elements of Songs and Humor and Surprises Are Not Lacking In This Prison Break Movie

The actors in Lucknow Central tried a lot to make the film easy to follow. The intensity is present, but nothing is jumbled to create recreational confusion.

Main actor Farhan Akhtar and prison jailor Ronit Roy were fantastic in this jail break movie.

As a Moradabad guy, Farhan finds himself pitched against jailor Ronit in a series of events that that will make for a delightful prison break film.

As seems to be the recurring decimal in jail break movies, a deceased protagonist comes back to life in the final moments.

Lucknow Central does not make an exception. And as can be expected with almost all Indian movies, thematic songs are not lacking.

The songs and Lucknow soundtrack back up the significance of any movie scenes, and the theme songs applied in Lucknow Central are not altogether woeful.     Meanwhile, this jail movie is complete with abundant humor, and this keeps the viewer engaged as events unfold in the prison film.

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