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Help Market PrisonLift: An App That Drives Visitors to Prison Loved Ones

We’ve made an app that helps people find rides to visit their prison loved ones, but we can only market with your help through our fundraising campaign.

Prison Rideshare Network’s mission as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has always been to provide resources and news for the loved ones of felons and ex-convicts. Our efforts have been highlighted through our blog posts, shop, and prison ride directory. Today we announce that it doesn’t stop there.

We at PRN are adding a new resource to our business: an app designed to assist anyone struggling to see their loved ones. However, in order for it to be a true success, we need to raise funds to properly inform the general public about this app’s existence.

That’s where our crowdfunding campaign comes in.

PrisonLift: Our Next Step to Provide Visitors with Prison Rides

PrisonLift is an app for smartphones and web browsers meant to make finding a ride to visit your prison loved one a breeze, no matter how far it is. It is the natural evolution of our current ride directory.

PrisonLift – Prison Ridesharing & Carpooling App for Web, Android & iOS

In our app is a directory we’ve compiled that features transportation for prison visitors provided by different businesses. These businesses can easily and quickly update app users with important information.

This speed is also helpful when it comes to linking other users together, which makes finding a carpool easy as pie. This ease-of-access has been on our mind in the 8 years we’ve heard feedback from our original directory. While we’ve helped many with our original service that we launched in 2011, it’s clear in this ever-changing world that we must innovate.

Visitors Struggle to Find Prison Rides

While it’s not as clear as it should be in the mass media, our nation’s prison system holds many loved ones great lengths from their homes. Prison Policy Initiative goes further, reporting the following in 2016:

The American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 942 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. territories.

With 2.3 million loved ones sent to the ‘closest’ prisons to them, that can leave them up to hundreds of thousands of miles away from their friends and family. For this reason, we aim to make it easier to make these long trips through PrisonLift.

How PrisonLift Can Help Anyone Without Rides to Prison Visits

PrisonLift isn’t just an example of copy-pasting our current directory in mobile form. In 2018, we’ve thoroughly searched for companies that provide rides across the nation. Because of this, our transportation business directory isn’t just unique, it’s thorough.

Prison Rideshare Network Launches Niche-Focused Business Directory for Prison Ride Providers

It doesn’t stop there either. Any visitor who has organized a trip ahead of time can announce it and get in contact with others attending the same facility through PrisonLift. This means visitors that prefer riding with people over businesses have an extra option to consider when planning their next trip.

Why PrisonLift Came to Be

Prison Rideshare Network and PrisonLift are our founder Kiesha Joseph’s fruits of labor. Being a prison daughter who has dedicated her life to helping others with prison loved ones, she has the heart necessary to create powerful and long-running projects. Having a brother, cousin, and friend in prison gives the necessary perspective to seek reform and aid for others in similar boats.

Kiesha is a content marketer who has employed the same writing team that has helped build up PRN’s brand. It was her skills and the financial support from her her incarcerated mother (and in turn, her late grandfather, Leon Chatmon) that made PrisonLift possible. All that’s left is paying for the marketing.

This is where you come in.

PrisonLift Needs Your Support to Successfully Offer Rides

With all the money poured into making this app, there’s no money left to spread the word for such an invaluable tool that can help those still struggling with making prison visit dates. This is why Kiesha has launched a crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen to raise funds for marketing the app.

Advertisements and promotional videos such as tutorials will be made possible with enough funds, making it easier for anyone to know what the app is and how to use it on a widespread scale. Text-based content marketing such as blogging (including guest blogging) and press releases are also possible thanks to your donated funds.

PrisonLift logo featuring a phone and van for visitors
Consider donating toward PrisonLift, as this labor of love toward a goal that benefits so many is not worth shrugging off. Image Source: iFundWomen

Whether or not finding prison rides is an issue for you, it doesn’t change the facts. This country’s large number of inmates and spaced apart prisons are inconveniencing many who just want to see their loved ones. Because of this, it’s why we mean it when we say we really could use your support.

Even the smallest donation can do the impossible when it comes from a group seeking to improve the lives of those with prison loved ones. Prison isn’t punishment. That’s true for both inmates going through rehabilitation and loved ones that struggle with visiting them.

Note: Prison Rideshare Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning all donations made toward us are tax deductible. 

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