Genece E. Brinkley (left), the judge in charge of the case of Meek Mill (right).
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Meek Mill’s Latest Battle: Remove Judge Genece Brinkley From His Case

Meek Mill lost his appeal to have Judge Brinkley kicked off his case. Mill wanted the judge removed from his probation violation because she is biased.

On August 21st, Meek Mill lost his appeal to have Judge Genece Brinkley kicked off his case. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied a motion filed by Meek’s legal team.

This motion was filed back in June 2018. The motion requested Judge Brinkley be removed from Meek’s probation violation case, citing Brinkley was biased and behaving unethically. Judge Brinkley is under investigation by the FBI.

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What Next for Meek Mill?

Since Mills’s request was denied, Judge Brinkley will continue to oversee the rapper’s case. However, Mill and his legal team will resubmit the appeal in the lower courts, the Superior Court.

The Supreme Court instructed Meek Mill and his team to begin the process of appeal in the Superior Court for different results.

Joe Tacopina, Meek Mill’s lawyer, in a statement, vowed to do exactly that. Tacopina is ready to rectify that “grave miscarriage of justice”. Tacopina wants to unseat Judge Brinkley due to her troubling and unethical behavior. He hopes for a fresh and fair trial for Meek Mill. He also hopes that Mill’s wrongful conviction will be overturned.

Meek Mill Vs Judge Brinkley

Judge Brinkley and Meek Mill are not new to each other. Their connection can be traced back to 2008. Mill was caught on gun charges. He was released in 2009 after he accepted a 5-year parole deal.

In November 2017, Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison by Judge Brinkley. This action lead to protests from top officials and the general public. A lot of people criticized the judgment as being very harsh.

Genece E. Brinkley (left), the judge in charge of the case of Meek Mill (right).
Celebrity court cases, such as the one involving Mill’s (right) judgment by Judge Brinkley (left), open up the possibility for discussions on what is fair sentencing for people, regardless of their social rank. Image Source: Afro100

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania granted Meek Mill bail in April and he was released from behind bars.

Meek Mill is Still Optimistic He Will Prevail in His Case

The process of appealing seems to be very long. As it stands at the moment, a concrete decision won’t be made anytime soon. However, the rapper remains full of hope.

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In his statement, Mill was grateful for the opportunity. With the help of his legal team, he can appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. He added how many people held in the criminal justice system are not as fortunate as him to have such a chance.

Meek Mill said his situation is difficult, but he will keep on trusting the process. He hopes his case will be heard in a very balanced and fair manner. The rapper is confident one day, justice will certainly prevail.

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