Menendez brothers marriages murderers
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The Menendez Brothers: Their Strange Prison Marriages

While prison love and prison marriages are not unheard of, some are simply weird. The strange prison marriages of the Menendez Brothers has got to be at the top of the list.

Menendez Brothers Break Hearts

Strange Prison Marriages: Lyle Menendez & His 2nd Prison Wife Rebecca Sneed
Strange Prison Marriages: Lyle Menendez & His 2nd Prison Wife Rebecca Sneed

The Menendez brothers became a national obsession in the 90s thanks to the broadcast of the trial court on TV.  It almost made sense that the young photogenic duo – found guilty of killing their parents to speed up their multi-million-dollar estate – attracted admirers.

The gruesome murder of their parents perplexed the country. The two boys had virtually everything: fame, money and a bright future ahead. (Photos Here courtesy of Findadeath: Beware Bloody and Gruesome)

Despite facing life in prison, Erik and Lyle Menendez have gotten hooked; Lyle has done it twice.

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The Strange Prison Marriages of Erik & Lyle Menendez

Strange Prison Marriages: Erik Menendez & Prison Wife Tammi
Strange Prison Marriages: Erik Menendez & Prison Wife Tammi

Erik married wife Tammi in 1998. She said it was a beautiful ceremony, and what she has now was her dream for the longest time.

(She had a turbulent past, including a previous husband who committed suicide because he admitted to abusing Tammi’s teenage daughter, his stepdaughter).

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Lyle – first who is doing his time at the same facility as Tex Watson, Mule Creek State Prison in Lone, California – married “pen pal and ex-model” Anna Eriksson in 1997.

They divorced a year later when she found he “cheated” by writing to another woman.

In 2003, Lyle married Rebecca Sneed, a magazine editor who has become a lawyer. He admits that while his situation may not be the best (no conjugal visits), he can’t complain.

Menendez brothers marriages murderers

Menendez Brothers: Strange Prison Marriages… a Tradition

While some states like Texas are limiting prison marriage practices, many other countries allow it and even help.

In Saudi Arabia in the prison of Dammam, weddings are organized for inmates. They have a party with a salon, food, and other inmates can join the party!

To conclude the ceremony the prison administration has arranged a room for the newlyweds to spend some time alone (Could this be considered as a conjugal visit?).

That makes up for a unique case scenario for a wedding!

How crazy is that?

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