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Infamous Mafia Boss ‘Sammy the Bull’ Released From Prison Early After 17 Years

Infamous mafia underboss, Salvatore Gravano, better known as Sammy the Bull, has been released from prison on parole. The notorious mob rat was released from an Arizona prison on September 18 after doing 17 1/2 years behind bars. He is now 72 years old.

Salvatore Gravano's 1990 Mug Shot
Salvatore Gravano’s 1990 Mug Shot

Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano was thrown into prison in 2002 by Brooklyn Federal Judge Allyne Ross. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he pled guilty to running a massive ecstasy ring in 2001. He had 50 men working for him and raked in nearly $500,000 per week in sordid ecstasy business, the New York Post reports.

Sammy the Bull: From Mafia Underboss to Mob Rat

Gravano Brought Down Friends and Bosses and Mobsters to Save His Own Skin

To make things work out for him, the ex-Gambino underboss agreed to plea-bargain in exchange for bringing down fellow mobsters. He even ratted on to the government and his help led to neutralizing 39 hardened mobsters.

Sammy the Bull Now at 72 Years Old
Sammy the Bull Now at 72 Years Old

This included his former friend and boss, Teflon Don. His plea-bargain further worked in his favor when he was handed just five years behind bars even after agreeing to committing 19 murders.

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Gravano also helped bring down John Gotti, better known as “Dapper Don”. Gotti eventually died in prison from cancer at the age of 61.

Sammy the Bull also took down the Five Families gangs.

Gotti’s brother, Peter Gotti, dispatched hitmen to take out Gravano in Arizona to avenge his brother’s death. But, slick Sammy escaped.

Gravano Father & Daughter Team

 Sammy the Bull’s daughter is Karen Gravano, one of the stars of the VH1 reality TV show Mob Wives. According to Karen, she spoke to her father in prison. He looks forward to a life of freedom outside prison walls:

“He is happy to be out after spending the last 17½ years in prison,” Karen Gravano said happily. “He’s in good health, great spirits and he’s anxious to move forward with the next phase of his life. There is no doubt I’m extremely happy. I’ve been fighting for this day the whole 17½ years that he’s been in prison, so I’m ecstatic it’s finally here.”

There is also a best-selling biography about Gravano, titled The Men Behind Mob Wives: Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, written by our managing editor, Kiesha Joseph.

Mugshot of Karen Gravano of Mob Wives, who was also arrested with her father, Sammy the Bull, in connection with an ecstasy operation.
Mugshot of Karen Gravano of Mob Wives, who was also arrested with her father, Sammy the Bull, in connection with an ecstasy operation.

Video: ABC15 News Reports on Sammy the Bull’s Prison Release

Salvatore Gravano was released early from an Arizona prison. Check out the video below for details.

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