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Mother & Son’s Horrific Marijuana Ordeal Cushing Prison

Celestine Leola Moreland, a 61 year old mother to Phillip L. Moreland, pleaded guilty to bring drugs to her son at the Cimarron Correction Facility in January 18 2014.
Phillips sentences according to DOC records:
• 17 and one half year at Cimarron correction Facility for second-degree manslaughter in 2009 in Pittsburgh County.
• He served 11 and one half years of two concurrent 20 years prison term for drug manufacture and drug possession in 2000 at Craig County.
• Served less than half 10 year prison term for child abuse in Craig County in 1998.
How Celestine possessed the drugs
During her previous visit to her son, he asked her to receive any restricted call she got. She then got a call the previous night before her next visit asking her to pick a package in the ladies room at Cushing, Oklahoma, Walmart the following day. She did as instructed and had a feeling it was pot. They were two packages packed in electrical tape.
Her reason for agreeing to deliver the drugs
Celestine had a feeling that her son was in some kind of trouble. She did not want to get a telephone call that he had been put in hospital.
How she delivered the drugs
During visitation, she removed the package from her shirt, put them in a chip bag and slid them to her son. Phillip removed the package from the chip bag and put them in his left shirt sleeve. He was moving them around and asked to go to the bathroom. This is where one package was recovered.
Reasons Celestine possessed other drugs
• She smokes marijuana once or twice a week for pain. Celestine has had back surgery and has been involved in 17 accidents through the years.
• Keeps Adderall in her vehicle in case her grandchild needs it at school.
• She was given Xanax and Demerol pills but has no prescription.
Celestine’s sentence
Due to her plea bargain, on July 28 2014 she was sentenced to 5 years’ probation for bringing marijuana into the Cushing prison and a concurrent one year probation for possession of other drugs.

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