Bryan Perry died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. 
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Multiple Deaths in Oregon Jails & Prisons Lead to Lawsuits Against Corizon Health

Imagine the shock of the news of yet another death of an inmate. This makes four in one month in Oregon DOC facilities. Yes, that’s right, just a month!

These prisoners’ deaths did not take place at the same OR correctional facilities. However, some have raised eye brows of suspicion to the news. Or, could these just be all horrible and unfortunate coincidences?

Because one thing is fact… they all had the exact same prison healthcare provider: Corizon Healthcare

Even After a $1.4 Million Fine, Corizon Still Provides Inadequate Prison Healthcare

Oregon Prison Deaths: Who Were the Inmates That Died?

Raymond Madrigal, 81. Madrigal was scheduled for release from Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla, OR on Aug. 8, 2022. He reportedly died in hospital.

Douglass David Miller, 72. Miller was scheduled to be released from the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem on Jan. 11, 2021. He reportedly died in the prison’s infirmary.

Both Miller and Madrigal, in 2006, were sentenced to more than eight years in prisons for assorted, yet unrelated sex crimes. The sentencings took place in Multomah County.

Oregon DOC officials on September 27th, 2018 reported the death of 27-year-old Adam Montgomery Farmer.

Farmer was sentenced Aug. 24th to two years in prison for unlawful use of a weapon. This is a Class C felony. Additionally, on Sept. 13 Farmer was given an additional 13-month sentence for identity theft, which he committed in March 2018.

Adam Montgomery Farmer died at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, OR.

Sally Ann Bicandi, 54, reportedly died this past Tuesday night at the hospital. Her cause of death has not yet been released.

Bicandi is the second inmate at Coffee Creek to die while in custody recently.

The Oregon Department of Corrections is charged with the care of 14,700 men and women incarcerated at its 14 state institutions.

Oregon DOC Investigated for Illegally Taking Money from Disabled Veterans

The Bryan Perry Story: A Death in Clakamas County Jail

Bryan Perry was in inmate who died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. 

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According to reports, Perry moved uncontrollably in his padded cell. Officials

Bryan Perry died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. 
Bryan Perry died while in custody at Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City. Image Source: A New Tradition

suggest it was due to a drug overdose. He eventually went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital.

Bryan Perry was only 31 years old when he died in the Oregon county jail.

The mother of Bryan Perry has filed a lawsuit against Clackamas County and the contracted jail medical provider… Corizon Health

This is the same prison healthcare provider being sued in the death of a Washington County inmate.

A snippet from the online obituary of Bryan Everett Douglas Perry:

Bryan was a gunner in an infantry unit of the U.S. Army during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. He spent his 18th birthday in a convoy from Kuwait to Baghdad where many lives were lost. Bryan heroically fought until he was injured in September 2003 and was honorably discharged with the Purple Heart Medal of Honor.

Tennessee-based Corizon Health provides medical care for inmates at 26 jails in 13 states. They’ve been sued multiple times across the country over the deaths of inmates. 

Did you catch that?  Sued multiple times!

Reason for Lawsuit Filed by Bryan Perry’s Mother

The suit, filed by the mother of Perry, stated medical staff and prison officials could have done more to help her son. Deputies on the night shift November 4, 2016 took cell phone video and made fun and joked around as Perry was convulsing on the floor of his padded cell.

Officials say most likely from a drug over dose.

Furthermore, the two nurses on the prison staff checked on Perry only two times for a total of 5 whole minutes for the entire evening.

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Punishment for the Phone Video of Bryan Perry Dying in Jail?

And what happened to the deputies involved in the cell phone video of Bryan Perry are employed by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office? Were they fired? 

Of course not.

Sheriff Craig Roberts said he took disciplinary action against them. Yet, they got keep their jobs. So, he is basically sweeping this one under the rug.

Perry’s mother hopes the lawsuit filed against the county will rectify that. A note from her son’s online obituary states:

Bryan was a gifted poet and had many things he wanted to do in life. He had plans to return to school to become a welder. He wanted to be a father and spent his last few days on this planet very much in love. His tragic death will impact all those who loved him so much.

The Madaline Pitkin Story: A Death in Washington County Jail 

Madaline Pitkin died while in custody at Washington County Jail in Oregon. 
Madaline Pitkin died while in custody at Washington County Jail in Oregon. Image Source: Oregon Live

Over a year ago, came he disturbing details of the death of Madeine Pitkin. The inmate died while in custody at Washington County Jail in Oregon. 

The Pitkin Family is also suing Corizon Health. According to their lawsuit, Madaline

Pitkin made various requests for help involving withdrawal symptoms from heroin.  Her jail death occurred on April 24, 2014. 

She ended up later dying in her jail cell. 

The online obituary of Madaline Christine Pitkin says:

Creatively, she was an avid photographer, forsaking digital for film and enthralled with double exposures and “the crisp snap” of black and white contrast. She also loved music of all types, taking piano and violin lessons and, much to her parents’ alarm, an experimental banjo period.

Corizon Health did not provide competent or timely medical care for Pitkin, according to the suit against Washington County. Her mother, Mary Pitkin, told KOIN 6 News:

I just can’t imagine people that are so heartless.

They maybe don’t view prisoners as people. I don’t know.

In 2015, Washington County changed medical providers. Clackamas County Jail is currently the only jail in Oregon where Corizon Health still operates.

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Corizon Health’s Director of External Affairs Martha Harbin said in-part via an email:

We can tell you that each involves a different set of facts that are unique to each case and that have not been publicly shared. The allegations being made about Corizon Health policies regarding care simply are not true. We have successfully treated thousands of patients detoxing from all manner of addictive substances following standard clinical protocols.

Now these families are only left with only memories and pain and hoping that legal action will help stop needless and senseless deaths by detoxification.

These people are prisoners. They are entitled timely and proper medical care in in jails during times of crisis, if and when needed… period.

A note from her online obituary says: 

Pitkin, Madaline Christine 26 Oct. 05, 1987 April 24, 2014 Madaline Pitkin passed away unexpectedly April 24, 2014, at 26 years of age. Her family and friends loved her dearly and intensely miss her.

Contracted Prison Healthcare: Who is Corizon Health?

They are a Tennessee-based provider of correctional healthcare in the United States. Corizon Health has been in business for over 40 years, providing medical care for inmates at 26 jails in 13 different states in the US.

Another important fact about Corizon Health, they have sued multiple times across the country over the death of inmates.

The suit states that Corizon Health:

…has a nationwide pattern and practice of failing to properly treat jail inmates.

Once again: Clackamas County Jail is currently the only jail in Oregon where Corizon Health still operates. The question is… Why?

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