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My Fiance May Be Released Soon

What do you do when your fiance is going to be released from prison? Many women worry they will not have the same relationships with their partners when they are out of jail. It is difficult enough for someone to adjust to a live outside of prison without the added stress of adjusting to life with your partner.

Will your partner be alright with sharing the bed? How much will you aid in their rehabilitation, ie. securing employment? Is your relationship with your partner going to be like you never took a break or will you have to start anew? Often times every woman wants their relationship to wok but most do not know how.

These questions can drive anyone wild. Many prisons have early release programs that help prisoners focus on transitioning back into the real, free world. When one woman’s fiance was being released from jail, she addressed all these questions and more on her blog ‘The Prisoner’s Fiance’.

If you are in a similar situation make sure to check out her blog. Having a resource like that can make a huge difference. You do not need to suffer in silence and you do not need to leave your questions unanswered.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (A.K.A. CDCR Prisons) began transferring low level prisoners to various CA county jails Monday before last. These CA prisoners are soon to be released from prison, possibly in the next couple of months.

Rumor has it that in the next weeks, others who qualify for the CA Early Release Program, but have done too much prison time to be released immediately, will soon be transferred to various state prisons that will become pre-release centers. These prisons are supposed to focus on helping these prisoners slowly transition back into the free world.

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