OJ Costing Nevada taxpayers a lot of money. Where will he finally call home?
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Nevada Taxpayers Pick Up a $200,000 Tab to Keep O.J. Simpson in Prison

The financial burden of keeping O. J. Simpson incarcerated for 9 years has fallen on the citizens of Nevada. The famous prisoner has spent the minimum nine years out of the 33-year sentence he was given. Given his approaching release in a couple of weeks, his incarceration cost Nevada taxpayers nearly $200,000.

OJ Simpson was all smiles after being granted parole. Nevada taxpayers have been footing a hefty bill.
OJ Simpson was all smiles after being granted parole. Nevada taxpayers have been footing a hefty bill. Image Source: eonline

O. J. Simpson was locked up at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. He has been at the prison since his sentencing on December 8, 2008. If he has served out his entire 33 years prison sentence, then his incarceration would have cost Nevada taxpayers up to $500,000.

It Costs Nevada Taxpayers $58.31 to House O. J. Simpson Per DAY

When he was brought up for his parole hearing in July, extra security that cost $22,000 was provided.

Meanwhile, Brooke Keast, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections says O. J. Simpson’s incarceration cost is minor.

She said keeping and maintaining him in prison has not been as expensive as people make it. She added there is nothing special or outlandish in the way the former footballer was treated in prison.

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O.J. son, Jason Simpson, wearing a black cap many say is the same one found at the crime scene.
O.J. son, Jason Simpson, wearing a black cap many say is the same one found at the crime scene. Image Source: Altered Dimensions. Click here to READ MORE.

To clarify matters, Keast disclosed that an average prison inmate in Nevada costs $58.31 to keep per day.

Since he has been granted parole, O. J. Simpson was moved to another cell where correctional officers can keep an eye on him.

His new cell is 7.6 feet wide by 12.6 feet long. It is just 6 inches larger than those used by other prison inmates. Correctional officers say the famous prisoner is not treated any different from other inmates at the facility.

However, this “non-special” treatment costs Nevada taxpayers even more than when housing “non-famous” prisoners.

After His Release, How O. J. Simpson Gets Home Is Up To Him and His Family

The Nevada Department of Corrections confirms he will be released on or after October 1. He will be released from any one of 18 facilities. But getting home to his final destination is up to him.

“We take him to either the parole and probation office or to our prison closest to his best logistical exit, and it’s up to him to get a ticket to wherever he’s going to go,” said Keast.

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Aged 70, O. J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison on kidnapping and armed robbery charges in Nevada. He and a few others had attacked a memorabilia dealer in a Las Vegas hotel room on accusation that he stole items from him.

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He also made headlines and was incarcerated until acquitted, If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit for allegedly murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

His acquittal for their murders made him one of the most famous prisoners of all time!

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