New Hampshire Women's Prison Needs Staff Before It Can Open Next Year
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New Hampshire Women’s Prison Needs Guards & Other Staff to Open Next Year

Construction of a New Hampshire women’s prison is almost complete. But, the state may have to look outside in order to staff the new facility.

Meeting the Needs of New Hampshire’s Women Prisoners

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections announced that it’s new women’s prison should be complete “substantially” by November 2017. But, once construction is complete, will there be anyone there to staff it?

New Hampshire Women's Prison Almost Complete. Staffing Needed.
New Hampshire Women’s Prison Almost Complete. Staffing Needed.
Image Source: Concord Monitor

Once the new prison for women is completely constructed, according to the DOC, the facility will address various needs:

  • Programming needs
  • Treatment needs
  • Rehabilitation needs

Prison officials insist these needs will be priorities while dealing with New Hampshire’s incarcerated women. No definitive date has been set for the opening of the New Hampshire women’s prison. But, authorities are hoping for sometime in 2018.

Now Hiring: New Hampshire Women’s Prison

Friday, the department announced its publication of a proposal request. Instead of doing their own recruiting to hire local people to work as correctional officers and other staff members for the prison, they want to hire a private company.

The contract would give the company authority over advertising and marketing to hire security personnel.

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The New Hampshire women’s prison is located in Concord. The 101,000 square foot prison facility was supposed to open this year. It was built to be 3X the size of Goffstown, also known as the New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women (NHCFW).

New Hampshire Women's Prison Needs Staff Before It Can Open Next Year
New Hampshire Women’s Prison Needs Staff Before It Can Open Next Year
Image Source: Concord Monitor

New Hampshire Needs New Prison Guards & Other Prison Staff

Gofftown is a women’s prison that currently houses about 140 female inmates. The new women’s prison will have room to hold 224 women prisoners. It will also include the health care facilities and classroom space these ladies need to become “corrected and rehabilitated” while in prison.

The problem is… New Hampshire prison authorities claim to be having a hard time finding 74:

  • Correctional officers (prison guards)
  • Nurses to staff the prison infirmary
  • Teachers to provide educational programs and resources
  • Other prison staff members, such as administrators, etc…


Staffing New Hampshire’s Women Prison

I’m sure the state of New Hampshire could find the staff they need for the new women’s prison if they really tried. Contracting private companies has always led to creating prisons that negatively impact the lives of inmates.

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Do you believe it makes sense for the New Hampshire prison system to go this route? Or, should prison officials leave private companies out of it and do their own recruiting for new correctional officers and other staff?

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