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What is the PrisonLift Rideshare App?

PrisonLift is an app that helps passengers and drivers easily connect for rides to prisons. It's a way for people who are visiting the same prisons to connect. Through this prison ridesharing and carpooling app, you'll have access to a network to help you find local rides near you to visit your incarcerated loved ones.

Are you planning to drive to a prison? Would you like some company and help covering the costs of commuting? Or, are you a prison loved one who needs a ride to a particular prison in the US? .

Specific Features of the PrisonLift Prison Ridesharing App

  • The ability to post trip requests. You’ll have the ability to post the need for a ride in advance.
  • View already posted requests. If you’re headed there anyway, why not see who needs help getting there?
  • Get in touch socially. This tool helps you talk about sharing a ride to your next prison visit together. Work out details and get to know one another a bit.
  • Post trips you have scheduled. If you’re planning a trip to a prison, and you want to offer a ride, you can post it with us.
  • Add your listing. If you have a car, and you make visits to a prison, list your ability to provide rides to visit incarcerated loved ones.
  • Access our Business Directory. There are local companies that offer prison visitors transportation to and from visits.

Drivers Announce Your Prison Trips

With the PrisonLift app, drivers can make prison visits more enjoyable and affordable by finding carpool partners to ride with them to their loved ones' facilities. Riders can sift through planned trips to prisons or even post requests for trips they want to visit. .

Both have the option of sifting through requests and planned visits to find prison ride sharing and carpool partners or businesses planning trips to their prisons. .

This means that those who don’t or can’t drive, will have a solid ride to see their loved ones in prisons. And, those who do drive, can find prison carpool and rideshare partners, so they don't have to make the journey alone. .

You'll also gain access to our Prison Rides Business Directory, which is filling up as we speak with reliable companies. These businesses provide prison visitor transportation services throughout the country. .

PrisonLift is the first app of its kind. It's a prison ridesharing and carpooling app that makes it convenient to find rides to prisons. And, it was designed to make your life much easier for you... prison loved ones! .

Find Rides to Prisons & Carpool Partners Going to Facilities You Visit

If you’re a prison loved one that needs a ride to visit your incarcerated family or friend, prison ridesharing is a way to make sure you have an affordable way to visit people in prisons. .

With the PrisonLift app, it is our goal to ensure that inmates' loved ones have more positive outlooks on life when they begin reentry into society. Spending time with friends and family through prison visits while incarcerated makes the transition much easier. This also helps to fight recidivism in America..

  Get Ready the Prisonlifts App is almost here 1000 X 250  

Our job is to help fill the gaps and make sure that you and your loved one spend time no matter what your situation. We do this by helping you connect with people and companies going to the same prison as you are, coming from your local area. .

Use our prison ridesharing and carpooling app to connect locally with others going to the same prison as you. Drivers and passengers can connect with just the push of a button. So, there are no more missed visits, and supporting your inmate is easier than ever before now. .

When a loved one goes to prison, it can be really hard to keep the family together. However, keeping the family together is more important than ever. Prison kids who regularly visit their parents in prisons ensure that the parent-child relationship stays strong. This is one of the best ways to fight the School to Prison Pipeline among haunting our youth today. .

PrisonLift is a Social Ridesharing App

We Are Not a Taxi Service

There are lots of new ways to get where you need to be, and you might be considering using Uber or Lyft for your ride to prison to see your imprisoned loved one. While this is an option, it's generally very unaffordable, since visiting prison requires long distance travelling. .

Instead, PrisonLift is a ridesharing, carpooling and and business directory app. Use it to connect to prison visit transportation companies and prison loved ones going to your prison. .

Unlike a taxi, Lyft or Uber, PrisonLift is more of a social ridesharing app designed specifically for people trying to find rides to prisons. .


Save Tons of Money

When you set out on that prison visit, you have a long drive ahead of you. Adding a passenger who’s willing to split the cost of gas and other fees can really take the sting out of the prison trip. Paying for tolls and even parking can also help. .

You might just find that all the savings can help you to make more frequent visits to see your loved one in prison. .

If you need a ride, choosing a prison carpool service can cost you substantially less than choosing a taxi cab service. You’re often just splitting the cost of gas and other fees. .

Plus, this social ridesharing prison rides app allows you to connect with people going your way. And, as prison loved ones, we know how important it is to engage with people like us... people who love and visit inmates in prisons. .

Negotiate Your Terms and Your Cost

Unlike a service like Uber or Lyft, this social ridesharing app allows negotiations directly between riders and drivers. There is no set fee for prison ridesharing and carpooling on PrisonLift. .

With PrisonLift, you’re getting a ride to make a prison visit with someone who is headed to the same facility anyway. You’re simply contributing to gas and other expenses. It helps to minimize the cost of getting to and from these essential prison visits. .

You may even strike up friendships with others in the same situation as you... other prison loved ones. .

How to Get the PrisonLift App

PrisonLift is one of the best ways to get to and from prison to see your incarcerated loved one. It helps to ensure that children can see their parents, and it encourages a feeling of "connectedness" that often is lacking when loved ones don’t have reliable transportation. .

You might even discover that you create bonds with others who are in your same situation, and that support can be vital during a difficult time in everyone’s lives. .

The official launch date of the PrisonLift social ridesharing app is Friday, June 8, 2018. But, we are beta testing right now!.

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