Prison Rideshare Network (PRN) is a non-profit organization founded by Kiesha Joseph. It currently operates as a network that connects people who need rides to prisons in the US to prison visitor transportation companies and prison carpool partners going to their loved ones’ facilities.

We do NOT provide prison rides at this time. It is our goal as a non-profit to someday own a fleet of prison ride vans to help children of incarcerated parents, also known as the Forgotten Victims of Crime, get to prisons across the states of California and Nevada to visit the parents behind bars.. for free.

The History of Prison Rideshare Network

During the holiday season of 2010, she was planning three prison visit trips to three different CDCR facilities at the time to see:

  • Her mother in California Institution for Women in Corona, CA (CIW)
  • Her brother and 1st cousin in Calipatria State Prison (CAL)
  • Her best friend who quickly became her fiance in Avenal State Prison (ASP)
Sorry for the strange look. The sun was beaming in face on this prison visit to see my mom at CIW.

“Sorry for the strange look on my face. The sun was beaming in eyes on this prison visit to see my mom at CIW.” Kiesha Joseph

As she started making travel plans to get to the last two, she realized just how far they were from Lynwood, CA. That’s when she found and joined, a prison information and inmate support community, and forum for prison loved ones.

There, the prison daughter, sister, cousin and fiance, connected with numerous awesome ladies near Lynwood, going to the same prisons she visited. That’s when the idea of creating a network for prison loved ones looking for carpool partners to visit various facilities was invented.

Today, PRN is a non-profit organization that connects prison loved ones with prison visit transportation companies, carpool partners and ride share programs to get to the facilities. We want to help them continue to build those very important bonds with the incarcerated loved ones in their lives.


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Prison Rideshare Network Mission

Our ultimate mission is to someday ensure that all prison kids in the US have access to rides to prisons to visit their incarcerated parents at least once per month… FREE of charge.

This is done through a network of:

  • Companies that provide rides to prisons
  • People in your local area going to your loved one’s prison
  • Online community of people who visit prisons in the US
  • Coming Soon: The PrisonLifts app will soon automate the process of quickly finding prison rides

One of the best ways to create, build and nurture long-lasting relationships with prisoners is with prison visits. We help you find prison rides to support your incarcerated inmate through carpool partners, prison visitor transportation services and a network of resources.

Helping You Find Rides to Prisons

At the end of 2014, there were 1,561,500 prisoners being held in state and federal correctional facilities in the US. You can only imagine how many “outsiders” are affected as prison loved ones in 2017.

Many of these prison loved ones are looking for prison visitor transportation services, prison ride companies and prison carpool partners to help them get rides to prisons.

Others would like to network with prison carpool partners to help make their prison visits more affordable, and possibly more enjoyable. We help you find rides to prisons and carpool partners to ride with you.


Prison Rideshare Network Visit Photo: Me with My Family on a Prison Visit Trip to Calipatria State Prison

Prison Rideshare Network Visit Photo: Me with My Family on a Prison Visit Trip to Calipatria State Prison. (Kiesha Joseph is 2nd from left)

Prison Loved Ones Blog

The Prison Rideshare Network Loved Ones Blog is dedicated to providing you with news and stories written to, for and about the people who love, care for and support those behind bars.

Our blog is dedicated to improving the lives of:

  • Prison wives, fiancés and girlfriends
  • Prison husbands and boyfriends
  • Prison mothers, fathers and grandparents
  • Prison daughters and sons
  • Prison aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins
  • Prison advocates and other prison family, friends and loved ones
    Some of the categories and topics we blog about include:

Prison Rideshare Network Management Team

Not only do we provide you with an awesome business directory to help you find rides to prisons, we also report timely prison news. The management team behind our news reporting and prison loved one blogging works effortlessly to keep you informed on topics effect your life, personally, as the friend or family member of an incarcerated person.

These is the management team behind Prison Rideshare Network:

  • Kiesha Joseph – CEO & Content Manager
  • Heidi Smith – VP & Affiliate Management
  • Latoya Taffe-Taylor – Executive Assistant
  • Olokodana Bukhari – Content Management Assistant

Founder Kiesha Joseph Writes…

Prison Rideshare Network was founded by Kiesha Joseph, with the marketing team of Content Marketing Geek behind it. In the beginning, Kiesha had to endure the stigma of being a prison child, as well as the shame her family members carried, who insisted that it all be kept secret.

So, she broke out and launched her career writing fictional short stories related to the lives and struggles of prison loved ones under the pen name Renee Patterson Writes. From there, she went on to write biographies about famous prisoners. such as the Men Behind Mob Wives and other prison inmates made famous by the press.

Kiesha considers herself to be an advocate for prison loved ones… not the prisoners themselves. When asked why she decided the world needed a network for loved ones looking for rides to prisons to visit incarcerated loved ones, Kiesha Joseph responded:

“When PRN was launched more than five years ago, the goal was simply to create a network for myself to visit my own loved ones in two CDCR prisons: CIW and ASP. Once I realized that very few such resources existed, I started my own network. And, that’s when the Prison Rideshare Network was born.

In the beginning, I’d rent a car or a multi-passenger van to transport those who purchased tickets to CIW or ASP. After a while, that became too overwhelming for me. So, I just started a Prison Rideshare Network Facebook Page and allowed people to hook up with each other there.

But, the dream of creating a website where prison visitors can network more efficiently to find carpool partners, ride share programs, transportation services and other rides to prisons never left my thoughts.”

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