Prison Carpools: Requests & Offers

Prison Carpools: Requests & Offers

Become a PrisonLifter. Have a prison trip planned, but would like a local carpool partner to ride with you? Looking for a ride to a prison you visit, but prefer prison carpools instead of riding on a bus or van with a bunch of people?


We’ll soon have you covered. Soon, you can post your prison carpool offers and prison carpool requests here. Other prison loved ones going to the same facilities can reach out to you.


Expected Date for PrisonLift Launch: Friday, June 1, 2018


Become a PrisonLifter to find prison carpool partners on Prison Rideshare Network.

Become a PrisonLifter to find prison carpool partners on Prison Rideshare Network.

Become a PrisonLifter

Heading to a federal or state prison? You’re not alone!


PrisonLift will soon be available as a mobile and web app on both Android and iOS devices. Until then, please register for our PrisonLifters Newsletter (use form below). You’ll get FREE ACCESS to the PrisonLift app as soon as it launches.


Who are PrisonLifters? They are prison commuters, just like you, who want to share rides to prisons. Some don’t want to take the long drive alone. Others do it to split expenses. Then, there are those who need rides to prisons, but prefer riding with another prison loved one, versus riding with a prison visit transportation company.

About PrisonLift

Prison Carpool Requests & Prison Carpool Annoucements

Prison Carpool Requests

reserved-iconLooking for a prison ride near you?

Soon, you’ll be able to use the PrisonLift web and mobile apps to posts your requests for rides to the facilities you visit. Then, prison carpool partners can search requests in their area to find people going to the same prisons they also visit. And, they will be able to contact you directly through the app.

Prison Carpool Offers

reserved-iconAlready have a visit to a prison planned?

Use the PrisonLift mobile and web apps to announce your already planned prison trip. This allows other prison loved ones within the PRN community to see basically where you are located, and what prison you plan to visit. Then, they can contact you through the app about carpooling to the facility with you.


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