North carolina jail inmate dies
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Unidentified Female Inmate Dies at North Carolina Jail after “Medical Distress”

An unidentified female inmate has died in hospital after developing “medical distress” at a North Carolina jail. The incident occurred at the Buncombe County Detention Center.

The unnamed woman was brought to the jail on Friday after violating her probation. Correctional officers doing the rounds found the woman in medical distress inside her cell and offered emergency medical services.

North carolina jail inmate diesThey also contact emergency medical services for immediate help before she was transported to the hospital. She was declared dead after some time of arriving at the hospital.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office together with the state Health Service Regulation has begun investigations into the circumstances of the inmate’s death.

It is not clear if the family of the deceased has been informed of her death. But personal name and details of the inmate have not been released yet.

Several prison inmates have died of suicide and natural causes in US correctional facilities this year. And this year only, it has been a common occurrence every year.

Prison and jail authorities strive to prevent inmates’ deaths by taking all preventive measures, but suicidal inmates end up beating security.

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Prison officers have had their share of the blame where they fail to properly monitor a suicidal inmate, but an end to an inmate’s death does not seem to be in sight yet.

Advocates and pressure groups draw attention to unpalatable conditions impacting jail and prison inmates across US states. Prison inmates are subjected to incarceration experiences that form the basis of several academic studies.

Some of these studies examine the efficacy of incarceration as a method of true transformation and reformation. And some consider the effects of imprisonment in hardening inmates and making them more prone to crime. Some of these researches have had to do with recidivism and factors that make the black race as well as black students plenteous in jails.

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