Following his release from prison, OJ Simpson has been spotted enjoying a night out at a bar in Las Vegas. He was seen at the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar. He had a good time chatting with various women at the bar with a glass of martini in his hand.

OJ Simpson was released from prison on October 1. He served nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Center for armed robbery.

He left the prison on Sunday, October 1 on parole and has been having a nice time around since then. Simpson’s visit to the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar was his first night out since his release. And it doesn’t appear the visit would be his last night out.

OJ Simpson Held a Glass of Martini As He Chatted With Various Women

O.J. SimpsonThe infamous former athlete was all smiles as he chatted with various women throughout the night.

He didn’t appear shy as women flirted with him and asked him all sorts of personal questions.

With his martini in his hand and sporting a white long-sleeved shirt and black trousers, OJ Simpson was definitely in his elements at the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar.

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Before his release from prison two weeks ago, the public had been speculative over what the famous ex-prisoner would do after prison.

Many had speculative he would return to public life and business, while others had said he would move out to Florida to secure the help of various help for upliftment. The truth however is that OJ Simpson remains in Nevada and would be for some time.

OJ Simpson Was Granted Parole for Good Behavior in Nevada Prison

He took to golfing a couple of days after his release from prison and spent quality time with his daughter. He is expected to cash in on his popularity to secure some profitable media interviews as well as some business deals.

OJ Simpson was sent to prison in 2007 after being convicted of armed robbery. He had gone with a gang to attack a sports memorabilia dealer inside a Las Vegas hotel room whom he claimed had earlier stolen from him.

He was granted parole on July 21, 2017 after spending nine years at a Nevada prison. The parole board said he had been of good behavior in prison and deserved a shot at freedom.


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