OJ Simpson enjoys a meal of Mickey Dee's as a free man while awaiting his prison release.
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O.J. Simpson Will Eat Seafood, Steaks and Get Latest iPhone after Release from Prison – Attorney

O.J. Simpson was expected to leave prison on October 1, but attorney Malcolm LaVergne says that might not happen after all.

Simply because October 1 falls on a Sunday and the Nevada Department of Corrections may not be able to transport him out of the facility on a weekend. According to LaVergne, it is more likely that his client O.J. Simpson will be released a few days after the anticipated October 1.

O.J. Simpson Wants To Eat Steaks and Use Latest iPhone after Release

OJ Simpson's release may not happen as expected on October 1. But, The Juice has plans upon his release.
OJ Simpson’s release may not happen as expected on October 1. But, The Juice has plans upon his release.

LaVergne further revealed that famous prisoner O.J. Simpson might head out to Florida after his release.

He said his client eagerly looks forward to embracing his family outside prison walls.

He may also take up some game of golf and live a normal family life with his children and friends among others.

It is not clear yet if he wants to court publicity anymore, but he is sure not eager to have the papparazi tail him about when he leaves prison.

“He wants to eat seafood, he wants to eat steak,” LaVergne said. “He wants to enjoy the very simple pleasures that he hasn’t enjoyed in nine years. I spoke to him – he’s going to get the latest iPhone. So he wants to enjoy those very simple pleasures, and he wants to do that in Florida.”

O.J. Spent Nine Years Behind Bars Before He Was Granted Parole

Oj Simpson served 9 years om prison for armed robberyiPhones were still a rarity when O.J. Simpson was sent to prison almost a decade ago. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison for robbing a man at gunpoint inside a Las Vegas hotel.

 Simpson with a gang had attacked a sports memorabilia dealer, accusing him of stealing from him. He eventually spent nine years in prison and is incarcerated at the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada.

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O.J. Simpson, a former Buffalo Bulls star, was granted parole in July. Following parole, he was moved to a safer part of the prison facility to safeguard him from other inmates who might have ill-will toward him.

But LaVergne disclosed that the famous prisoner is not finding solitary confinement very convenient and looks forward to leaving the prison facility.

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