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“Can I Have a Break Here,” OJ Simpson Tells Reporters; Takes To Golfing After Prison Release

OJ Simpson has been photographed golfing a couple of days after his release from prison. He had plans to move to Florida following his release, but he is currently staying at Las Vegas.

This is largely because he needs prior federal approval before moving to any destination of his choice. But he stays in Las Vegas until he has approval to move anywhere else.

Spotted inside a black car at a local gas station, paparazzi stormed him to hear him speak a few words. And a few words he did speak.

“Please Can I Have a Break Here,” OJ Simpson Tells Reporters

“Nothing has changed in my life. I mean, what do you expect? Please, can I have a break here?” OJ Simpson rebuffed.

O.J. SimpsonHe told paparrazi he’d been riding in a car for over five hours and still learning what it meant to be finally out. The former NFL player was released from the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada at 12:08 a.m. on Sunday.

He was paroled after serving nearly 10 years in prison. He had been sentenced to 33 years imprisonment on charges of stealing and kidnapping. OJ Simpson had led a gang to attack a sports memorabilia dealer inside a Las Vegas hotel room. He claimed he had gone to retrieve items formerly stolen from him.

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OJ Simpson Is Pictured Practicing Golf and Spending Time with His Daughter

Oj Simpson playing golf spending time with daughter after prison releaseOJ Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne had revealed prior to his release that he would like to take up golfing following his release. Aged 70, Simpson was also reported to want to eat steaks and other delicacies once he got out.

Several photographs however show him practicing golf putting in his temporary residence; and another set of photos show him spending quality time with his daughter Arnelle.

After being granted parole, OJ Simpson was said to have been “bored to tears” as the days of his release drew close. He told the paparrazi at the gas station, “I’ve been nowhere, USA, for the last nine years doing nothing.”

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