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Christian Women Christmas Concert Generates $1,000+for Prison Church

At least $1,000 has been raised for a prison church by way of a Christmas concert. The church is located within the South Dakota Women’s Prison. The money was raised during a Christmas concert held on Sunday at the First United Methodist Church. The church congregation within the women’s prison is called the Church of Hope. […]

Excited Delirium Syndrome is a very controversial condition some say doesn't even exist.
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Most Inmate Deaths in Missouri Prisons Remain Unresolved to This Day

Investigating and getting to the roots of inmate deaths in Missouri prisons is almost impossible. This is because of the shroud of mystery surrounding every death incident. Missouri Inmate Michael Lorenzo King: 2011 And the fact that local police are not always called in to investigate prison deaths – the prison authorities do their own internal […]

This Kim Kardashian prison meme is the #1 Liked #PrisonVisits post on Instagram.
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Instagram’s Top 9 Liked #PrisonVisits Posts 09.16.2017

#PrisonVisits are one of the most important things incarcerated inmates need. Some turn to pen pals and advocacy groups. Others rely on visits from their loved ones to make their time behind bars easier. The #PrisonLovedOnes community is very active. We enjoy posting pictures of ourselves preparing for visits to prisons and headed to prisons […]

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