Prison Wives/Girlfriends Social Media Roundups

Positive Impact of Social Media Memes on Prison Wives

Being a prison wife is a lot to handle. Situations can get you confused and leave you feeling isolated. Due to this, many people have opened Instagram accounts to form a support group for women going through this.
Mackenzie from Texas has an account with the handle ‘Texas prison wives’ and Jemma from London also has an account with the handle ‘Doing time too’.
The aim of the accounts:
• Suggest on the gifts to send an incarcerated loved one
• They inform them on how to appeal sentences
• What to accept from prison visits and what to do after release
• Find pen pals for the lonely prisoners
• They alert other women on riots in their partner’s prison
Provide information that the prisons withhold
• Giving each other support
• Posting memes, photographs and advice

Provide information that the prisons withhold
Most times the prison guards do not communicate crucial information to the prison loved ones. They end up feeling confused and upset. It hurts them so much when they do not know exactly what is going on.
Mackenzie uses her account to warn women about changes in clothing rules. Prison guards are quite strict on the clothes women wear during visits. It gets so frustrating when you are denied entry because of dressing and sent away to get a new outfit.
Thanks to the Instagram accounts, the prison wives can share information they acquire with one another. This keeps them all informed on what is happening in there partner’s prison.
Support network
The prison wives go through a lot with prison guards. They are mean and just do not care about them and the inmates. Most of the times they make them feel like criminals.
Through these Instagram accounts the wives are able to share their experiences. They talk about ways to relieve the stress and how to deal with the guards. This helps them feel better.
Posting memes, photographs and advice
Funny memes are important. The accounts post a variety of memes using Disney movies to portray emotions.
“I think it’s fun to have so many people relate to funny memes even though the direct meaning behind it is about being lonely or the hard things we go through to make this relationship work,” Mackenzie explains. “It’s a reminder we aren’t alone in our struggle and we can laugh through the pain.”
Outsiders feel the prison wife memes are flippant. Most times outsiders do not understand what the women go through. These Instagram accounts help them understand exactly what the prison wives feel and the hard times they have.
There are many Instagram accounts like Mackenzie’s and Jemma’s. They often take memes off each other. This is allowed as there is no competition. It makes the network more supportive.
Memes allow the women to laugh about the situation rather than cry.

Tina Karen
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