Jeremy Meeks talks reality tv show
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Prison Bae Jeremy Meeks in Works for Own Reality TV Show

Jeremy Meeks was a prisoner before he became famous, and it was his prison mugshot that garnered him the nickname Prison Bae after one of his social media posts went viral.

Famous Prisoner Jeremy Meeks' Famous Mugshot
Famous Prisoner Jeremy Meeks’ Famous Mugshot

This and the National media coverage of him made him one of the most recognized felons of 2014 – but now there have been reports released by BET, and the Celebrity Insider claiming that Prison Bae is in talks with “RHOBH” star Dorit and Paul Kemsley about creating his own brand.

“Everyone wants in on Jeremy’s popularity. He’s got fashion covered, but he’s considered making a move to reality TV.”

Jeremy Meeks AKA Prison Bae: Reality TV Show

Yes, the RHOBH celebrity couple recently had a lunch date with Meeks and his new girlfriend, Chloe Green, “Topshop heiress” and pitched their ideas.

Inside sources say that convincing Jeremy to join the cast of a new show that is “currently in the works” would be an ideal way for him to get himself out of the shadow of his girlfriend, Chloe.

“It’s too soon to tell if Jeremy will actually go through with it,” the insider continued. “He’s dating a woman that’s filthy rich. He isn’t necessarily hurting for money.”

Prison Bae still looks like a hot dream!
Prison Bae still looks like a hot dream!

Jeremy made headlines in July after he split up with his wife. But it was also social media they led to his divorce with Melissa.

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Prison Bae Goes to Turkey

 A random social media user tagged a photo of Jeremy with together in Turkey aboard a yacht. Melissa, in a conversation with The Daily Mail, said her “heart sunk” the day she saw the photo. She thought he was in Turkey for a business trip!

The idea of a TV Reality Show featuring the likes of Jeremy Meeks may not be a bad idea considering that since he gained public notoriety, Prison Bae has killed it at modeling!

Now who would really be opposed to seeing his handsome self on his own reality show?

Not us for certain!

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