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Come in Contact With Ghosts of Executed Inmates at a Haunted Prison

Prison Tours: Do you wish to sleep alone overnight in a haunted prison? Visit Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison cells where executed prisoners once stayed.

Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset is the most haunted prison in the UK.
Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset is the most haunted prison in the UK.

Then you must book a space in Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison. This is the UK’s most haunted prison and formerly UK’s oldest operating system.

Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset, United Kingdom, began operation in 1626. But it ceased to be a prison facility in 2013.

During its operation, hundreds of prisoners were executed at the prison. British and American troops also used the facility as a military prison during the Second World War. Eighteen US soldiers were executed at the prison between 1943 and 1945.

Prison Tour: Shepton Mallet Prison

Guests at the Prison Will Be Fed Bland Porridge Just As Former Prisoners Experienced It

UK Prison ToursThe last prisoner to die by hanging was executed there in 1945. Prison ghosts of executed inmates now haunt the prison facility full-time, UK’s The Sun reports.

But the doors of the Shepton Mallet will be thrown open for a single night on Friday, October 13 for prison tours of haunted facilities.

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Ghost hunters and fans of supernatural phenomena as well as brave members of the general public will be able to spend a night at the prison.

Brave tourists and guests at the prison on the said date will be able to sleep locked up in individual prison cells. They will obtain a full prisoner experience, and even be fed with plain porridge as the former inmates experienced it.

Anyone Can Book a Stay at the UK’s Most Haunted Prison

 Prison tourists, who should be lion-hearted, are also free to engage with the spirits through a ghost hunting tour. Perhaps they will be able to connect with spirits of executed criminals that once stayed at the facility. Interested persons can book a stay for a night Shepton Mallet on Jailhouse Tours website.

 “Before working here I was skeptical about spirits, but I have seen and witnessed truly terrifying things when taking people around on tours in the daytime – I can’t imagine how terrifying it will be at night,” said Paul Tool from Jailhouse Tours. “From my experiences, I’m fully confident that there are spirits of former prisoners who were executed here, so this overnight tour is definitely not one for the faint-hearted.”

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