An image of Andrew Leighton during his trial, where he plead guilty to shooting his mother to death.
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Another Prison Inmate Dies While Incarcerated in a Maine Prison

Andrew Leighton, died in Maine prison. The 51-year-old was serving his sentence for killing his mother. He should have been in a mental institution instead.

Andrew Leighton died on Monday, the 1st of October in Maine state prison located in Warren. The death was announced by Joseph Fitzpatrick, the Department of Corrections commissioner on Monday afternoon.

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The 51-year-old was serving a prison sentence for killing his mother. Leighton was sentenced in January 2015, to 27 years in prison for the murder.

According to the DOC’ s commissioner, Leighton died on Monday around 8:34 a.m. Fitzpatrick did not give details concerning the death of the Maine prison inmate. The circumstances of his death were not shared with the public.

According to the DOC, all relevant state authorities were notified of the death of the 51-year-old:

  • State medical examiner
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Maine state police
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The Murder of Leighton’s Mother, Shirley

Andrew shot his mother, Shirley Leighton, on the 3rd of May in 2013 in Falmouth. Andrew’s father, Thomas Leighton, and mother were about to take him for mental health treatment when he shot his mother.

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According to reports, the Leighton lived with his parents for about six years at their home on Edgewater Road in Falmouth.

When the shooting happened, Leighton’s father was walking with their dog. He taking Leighton to Spring Harbor Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Westbrook, after the walk. When he returned with the dog, Leighton told him he killed his mother, Shirley.

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Leighton and his father struggled over the gun before his father ran away and escaped. Leighton was later arrested by the police after a five-hour standoff.

Leighton’s Murder Trial

Leighton was sentenced to 27 years in prison in January 2015 after he reversed his plea to guilty. In 2014, Leighton pleaded not guilty to the single count of murder because of insanity.

After the proceedings, his family did not stop supporting Leighton. They believed he did not intend to kill his mother. They strongly believed he committed the murder because of his mental illness.

An image of Andrew Leighton during his trial, where he plead guilty to shooting his mother to death.
Even if the prison warrants a right to privacy regarding the incident (regardless of if they reveal what happened at a later date), it cannot be denied how questionable keeping the circumstances of Leighton’s death secret are. Particularly when many prisons’ below-average policies have resulted in both inmate deaths and suicides. Image Source:

Leighton’s father said the community needs to do a lot more to help treat people with mental illnesses. He said his wife died trying to get her son help.

According to Leighton’s father, when one gives birth to a child, they continue to support them. They don’t give up on them.

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