A row of chained felons in prison.
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Prison News Recap – Top 5 Articles on Felons’ Rights

2018 was an eventful year for prison news. The topics of prisoners’ rights and fairness behind bars was something we frequently reported on.

As such, we figured it was important to start the new year with some of our most important articles the year had to offer.

In this Top 5 recap, we will be covering five different and important articles covering the right of felons, what they are, and how far they should go.

Prison News Recap 1/10/2019

In this edition of our Prison News Recap, we go over five articles about the rights of prison inmates. Read how the content of these stories affect prison loved ones and how they stir up important discussions in mainstream media.

1. Do Prisoners Have Rights? If So, What Are They And Are They Fair?

With some felons stuck in prison for crimes they didn’t even commit, it’s important to keep in mind the rights they have post-arrest.

While they are protected by Miranda Rights, there are other rights with certain caviats they have while incarcerated.

Click here to read what specific rights felons have in prison

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2. Sentenced At 79… Should Compassionate Release Be An Option?

Jerry Riddle was arrested for sexual assault of a minor.

Given his physical condition at age 79, the question of whether he should serve his sentence in prison is raised. 

Click here to learn about compassionate release, a prison cell alternative

3. Cash Bail System: How The US Punishes The Poor For Being Poor (VIDEO)

The US has an alarmingly high number of felons returning to prisons after they’re released.  

Adding the fact that felons are being kept in prison just for being too poor to pay bail makes this practice questionable.

Click here for the major problems with The US’ cash bail system

4. CDCR Sensitive Needs Yards Being Phased Out. Will Violence Increase?

California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is phasing out yards meant to protect sex offenders from violent inmates.

In doing so however, they are removing protection that ‘snitches’ have from revenge-seeking gangs and criminals.

Click here to learn the importance of sensitive needs yards to these inmates

5FIRST STEP Act: The Right Step Toward Prison Reform?

The FIRST STEP Act was recently passed in late 2018.

When it was first announced, people were surprised that it promised fairer treatment of felons in prison.

Click here for Prison Rideshare Network’s coverage on The FIRST STEP Act

A row of chained felons in prison.
The rights of felons are not an easy or pleasant thing to think about. If the articles in this list are taken into consideration by readers however, there’s a stronger chance that important prison issues won’t be ignored. Image Source: Mass Appeal

What to Take Away From This Prison News Recap

No one likes questioning their prison system. The idea that the people in prison may not be the stereotypical bad guys we imagine is scary. If we don’t consider just how fair prison should be though, it can lead to overpricing and unjust sentencing over minor felonies. If all crime is equal, no line is drawn after all.

The best way to start focusing on how to secure the fairness of prisons is remembering this simple fact: prison isn’t punishment, it’s rehabilitation. If felons are being sent to prison so they stop committing crime, then it’s important that the prison system provides resources that will bring them up, as opposed to constant negative reinforcement.

Reading articles like the ones listed here is the second step, and if you’re willing to keep this commitment, we’re dedicated to delivering readers like yourself important news on the state of the US prison system.

Of course, if you’re still looking for other ways that our system and life after prison can be improved, feel free to check out past roundups. Also, feel free to consider donating towards our new app, PrisonLift: an app designed to make it easier to visit inmates and keep felons out of prison after their sentences!

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