Two prison women, one behind bars and the other in front of them.
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Prison News Recap – Top 10 Struggles and Victories of Prison Women

Being a prison woman means one carries a lot of weight with that title. Women behind bars have their own struggles compared to men, some more harsh and unfair than others.

Despite this, 2018 showed a few progressive and hopeful moments for women seeking prison reform. This is why we have compiled 10 articles we’ve published about important articles about prison women.

In this Top 10, we are highlighting the most important articles from 2018 regarding the struggles and victories of prison women and what they can teach us.

Prison News Recap 1/08/2019

In this edition of our Prison News Recap, we go over ten important articles about prison women. Read how the content of these stories affect prison loved ones and how they stir up important discussions in mainstream media.

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1. Why Are There So Many Pregnant Women In US Prisons Today?

Many women with substance charges/issues entering the US prison system are pregnant beforehand.

However, if these women are struggling with drugs, wouldn’t it make more sense to send them to rehab?

Click here for more on pregnant women in drug-infested prisons

2. US Prison Reform: Why Are Incarcerated Women Being Ignored?

The fastest growing inmate population in The US is women.

With 80% of these women being mothers with substance, financial and mental issues, why aren’t more people aware of their needs?

Click here for resources and programs meant to help prison women

3. Rates Of Women Incarceration Worldwide Higher Than Population Growth

The rate of women sent to prison is higher than the growing rate of population.

What is being done to reduce this troubling number?

Click here to learn what these women need to reduce these rates

4. Women Incarceration Rates Remain The Same As Men’s Rate Decreasing

More men are leaving prison while women are stuck behind bars.

If incarceration rates are lowering, why are these women stuck in prison?

Click here for more about this study of women incarceration rates


5. I Hate Mondays: Where Is Brenda Ann Spencer Now?

Brenda Ann Spencer was responsible for the Grover Cleveland Elementary School shooting in 1979 when she was 16.

Now she’s still behind bars paying for her crimes.

He’s been in prison since then after the government abandoned him.

Click here to read about Brenda Ann Spencer and the song she inspired

6. Transgender Prison Inmate Marie Dean Was Not What Media Reported

Marie Dean was heralded as champion of transgender rights during her prison rights, but her past as a sex offender has been exposed.

This supposed champion for women’s rights was charged with violence against women and sneaking into their houses.

Click here to learn just what crimes Marie Dean has under her belt

7. Dance Moms Star, Abby Lee Miller, Carrying On Prison Relationship Behind Bars

Despite Abby Lee Miller’s sentence prison sentence, she apparently was able to carry out a healthy relationship behind bars.

She’s accepting letters to prison from her lover and her fans.

Click here to read more about Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller

Two prison women, one behind bars and the other in front of them.
There are a lot of negatives when it comes to being in prison. However, the struggles of prison women do not erase any potential victories, as the articles in this Top 10 are meant to spark discussion and shed light on important issues.
Image Source: World Lifestyle

8. Love After Lockup: Mary Reveals Her Future Plans With Dominic

Another TV star who found love, Love After Lockup’s Dominic has married his girlfriend outside of bars, Mary.

This new bride talks about how happy she is and how she looks forward to seeing her husband released soon.

Click here for more about Mary and Dominic’s story

9. Peek Inside South Dakota Women’s Prison Where Peace & Quiet Reign Supreme

Here’s a unique and shocking approach to rehabilitatoin: South Dakota Women’s Prison allows their inmates to walk freely and peacefully.

With a focus on safety and comfort, the inmates at this South Dakota facility have a chance at a better life away from their past.

Click here for more information about SDWP’s system

10. Prison Psychiatrist Turns Whistleblower On CDCR Mental Healthcare System

When the mental health of an inmate that ate her own eye comes into question, a whistleblower released a report to the public.

Does California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation not have proper mental health care?

Click here to read how CDCR treats the mentally fragile in this report

What to Take Away From This Prison News Recap

There were a lot of struggles for prison women. It’s more than likely this year will hold more struggles for inmates in The US.

Despite this though, it’s still important that we deliver to you important articles like these. This is so that it’s much clearer in the media just what women go through in prison. Complacency is the enemy of progress, and if people don’t understand that women have it rough, things won’t be improving for a long time.

In the meantime, it’s important to count victories when they occur, whether they’re SDWP’s progressive system, proof that love can survive behind bars or even just a harsh truth coming to light. 

Of course, if you’re still looking for other ways that our system and life after prison can be improved, feel free to check out past roundups. Also, feel free to consider donating towards our new app, PrisonLift: an app designed to make it easier to visit inmates and keep felons out of prison after their sentences!

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