A shadow of someone behind bars gripping onto them desperately.
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Prison News Recap – Tragedy That Caused Hurt Outside and Behind Bars

In 2019 we covered many articles about tragedies that affected many. Those effected weren’t limited to just the incarcerated however.

In this recap, we’ve collected three of our most important articles about tragedy that caused hurt to those behind bars, as well as those outside of them.

Prison News Recap 1/08/2019

In this edition of our Prison News Recap, we go over three articles about prison-related tragedies. Read how the content of these stories affect prison loved ones and how they stir up important discussions in mainstream media.

1. Were Hawaii Correctional Facility Deaths Actually Prison Suicides?

A number of Hawaii inmate deaths were the subject of controversy.

The circumstances of their deaths led people to believe the Department of Public Safety was covering up suicides.

Click here for more regarding these potential victims

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2. Multiple Deaths In Oregon Jails & Prisons Lead To Lawsuits Against Corizon Health

Numerous inmates in Oregon have been dying, leaving loved ones concerned.

The one link that people have been able to note is the inmate’s facilities all shared the same healthcare provider.

Click here to read about Corizon Healthcare’s dead clients

3. Families In Fear: Florida Evacuates Over 4,000 Inmates After Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was a difficult time for many in The US.

Thankfully, many inmates were transferred away from facilities near the storm, but not without some criticisms from loved ones.

Click here to learn about Florida’s hurricane troubles 

A shadow of someone behind bars gripping onto them desperately.
Many prison-related tragedies have occurred in 2018. Ensuring history doesn’t repeat itself negatively is why we’ve compiled this list of articles we’ve written on the subject. Image Source: Eyes on Brazil

What to Take Away From This Prison News Roundup

Witnessing tragedy urges something in us all. Worry that we’ll be on the receiving end of it. Fear that drives us to avoid danger. And sometimes even doubt that things will improve.

In the end, regardless of the state our world is in right now, there’s only one voice that determines whether it’s truly too late: yours.

Ignoring the bad instead of talking about what should change about it and why leads to complacency. This is why we take the time to share important articles in the hopes that it leads to sparking important discussions.

As such, remembering what worked and what didn’t in 2018 will help ensure prison reform will be at it’s strongest.

Of course, if you’re still looking for other ways that our system and life after prison can be improved, feel free to check out past roundups. Also, feel free to consider donating towards our new app, PrisonLift: an app designed to make it easier to visit inmates and keep felons out of prison after their sentences!

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