Tragic inmate Richard "White Boy Rick" Jr. during a trial, hoping to exit his incarcerated life.
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Prison News Recap – Three Tragic Examples of Incarcerated Life

In 2018, we’ve highlighted different lives and situations that show just how unfair prison can be. Regardless of what a crime is, the priority of inmates being properly rehabilitated should be the focus.

Refusing to treat inmates with dignity blurs the line of which crimes deserve harsh consequences and encourages recidivism.

As such, it’s important that we learn from past mistakes.

We are covering three tragic examples of incarcerated life that we’ve reported in 2018, in hopes that prisons will understand what to avoid this year.

Prison News Recap 1/08/2019

In this edition of our Prison News Recap, we go over three articles about tragic stories of prison life. Read how the content of these stories affect prison loved ones and how they stir up important discussions in mainstream media.

1. The Story Of White Boy Rick: How A Teenager Was Left To Rot In Prison

Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe Jr. was enlisted by the FBI to uncover deep intel on a drug-dealing ring as an informant in the late 80s.

He’s been in prison since then after the government abandoned him.

Click here for White Boy Rick’s harsh life story

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2. Arkansas Law Lowers Parolee Recidivism: Prisons Are Still Overcrowding

Arkansas’ Department of Corrections released a bill to keep people with minor felonies out of prison.

Despite this, state prisons are overcrowding.

Click here to learn about Arkansas’ recidivism problem

3.Recidivism: 80% Of Dauphin County Inmates End Up Behind Bars Again

Pennsylvania prisons in Dauphin County are suffering from high recidivism rates.

One warden states the culprit seems to be inmates struggling with substance issues aren’t properly rehabilitated and return to their old ways. 

Click here to learn what can fix Pennsylvania’s recidivism rates

Tragic inmate Richard "White Boy Rick" Jr. during a trial, hoping to exit his incarcerated life.
Learning from examples of tragic incarcerated life like White Boy Rick (pictured above), we have the potential to improve our prison system. There’s no one factor that can affect everything, which is why applying past flaws to present day can help spark ideas in the mass media. Image Source: The Fix

What to Take Away From This Prison News Recap

It takes more than just reporting on tragic news to solve a problem. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge leaves people as useless as the unintelligent. It’s perspective that really matters.

In the content we provided in this recap and in general on this website, we do our best to deliver news in a way that can spark this perspective.

As such, we ask that you take into consideration why it’s important that prisoners’ have the right to fair treatment. Why prison isn’t punishment, but rehabilitation. And why treating the sick and mentally unwell behind bars is important.

Our personal opinion? If prison punished indiscriminately, there’d be little protection for ourselves against the law. And no one should suffer behind bars when they can be brought up instead through rehabilitation. After all, bringing inmates down just leads to them making their way back to prison.

Of course, if you’re still looking for other ways that our system and life after prison can be improved, feel free to check out past roundups. Also, feel free to consider donating towards our new app, PrisonLift: an app designed to make it easier to visit inmates and keep felons out of prison after their sentences!

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