Bill Cosby looking disappointed in front of a gavel as he's about to become a famous prisoner.
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Prison News Weekly Roundup – Top 10 Famous Prisoners of 2018

A new year means new possibilities. Regardless of which walk of life you come from, everyone has the chance to find something better that they couldn’t last year, even if it takes a little work.

We at Prison Rideshare Network also aim for this kind of progress, to keep you, our audience, in the loop when it comes to important stories about the condition of the US prison system. We also seek to make lives easier for those that need rides to visit incarcerated loved ones.

In 2018, we reported on different examples of progress, though one of our most popular topics gave many divisive examples of change, both positive and negative: famous prisoners. To learn more about the state of our prison system and how it can achieve proper reform/rehabilitation, we’ve compiled a top 10 on famous prisoners of 2018.

Weekly Prison News Roundup 1/07/2019

In this edition of our Prison News Weekly Roundup, we have compiled a top 10 list of popular articles from our Famous Prisoners series. Read how the content of these stories affect prison loved ones and how they stir up important discussions in mainstream media.

1. Where Are Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnappers Now?

Famous victim Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers were sentenced for their heinous crimes.

However, Wanda Barzee was given a far lighter sentence than her then-husband, Brian David Mitchell, as a part of a plea deal.

Click here for more information on where these felons are now

2. Growing Up In Prison: Controversial Story Of White Boy Rick

Rick Wershe Jr. was the youngest informant for the FBI, and arrested at age 17 for involvement in a drug dealing ring.

He’s still in prison to this day, all because he was abandoned by the agents that forced him deeper into this situation.

Click here to read White Boy Rick’s tragic story

3. Good News Not So Good After All For LHHATL Star Scrapp DeLeon

Click here for more on Scrapp DeLeon and his drug sentence

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4. Legally Kidnapped: 2-Year-Old Fernanda Becomes A Famous Prisoner

Fernanda Jacqueline Davila makes immigrant detainment even more controversial than it is.

She was separated from her grandmother at the border and kept in prison even after her grandmother’s release.

Click here to read Fernanda’s unbelievable story

5. Private Prison Industry Thrives Thanks To Trump’s Immigration Reform (Videos)

Click here to learn how private prisons are benefitting off of families

6. Bill Cosby Prepares For Prison: Where Is He Now?

After constant allegations from numerous women, Bill Cosby is finally behind bars for sexual assault.

Where is he expected to serve his sentence and for how long?

Click here for our coverage on Bill Cosby’s future behind bars

7. Meek Mill Uses New Freedom & Celebrity Status To Campaign For Justice Reform

Meek Mill has been the victim of harsh conditions in the US justice system.

As of late, he’s been pushing for reform through activism so that no one else has to struggle like he did.

Click here to learn about Meek Mill’s stance on prison reform

Bill Cosby looking disappointed in front of a gavel as he's about to become a famous prisoner.
The famous prisoners in this Top 10 all have different reasons for why they are in prison. However, applying their stories to current stories in the media helps emphasize what needs improving in the US prison system. Image Source: KTUU

8. Classic Song Inspired By Brenda Ann Spencer, Who Hated Mondays Enough To Kill

Brenda Ann Spencer’s name has been relevant lately, as she is credited as being the first infamous school mass shooter.

Her reasons for shooting up Grover Cleveland Elementary School? She hated Mondays.

Click here for more on Brenda Ann Spencer’s quest for fame

9. Why Did Suge Knight Get Sentenced To Only 28 Years In Prison?

Record producer and former football player Suge Knight was convicted for the murder of his associate, Terry Carter.

Some have argued 28 years is low for murder, though it has been confirmed Knight took a plea deal.

Click here for more on Suge Knight’s involvement in Terry Carter’s death

10. DMX To Spend One Year In Prison For Failing To Pay $1.7 Million In Taxes

Famous rapper DMX was sentenced to prison for improperly paying his taxes.

He explains that the tax fraud wasn’t intentional, just the result of a lack of care.

Click here to read about how DMX got himself into prison

What to Take Away From This Prison News Roundup

In this roundup, we’ve seen people incarcerated for unreasonably long periods, felons that are campaigning for reform and even questionable sentence times. There are two halves to what can be learned from these inmates: viewing people as more than just their past and how to treat convicts in accordance to their felonies. 

Because of this, it’s easier to know where to look when it comes to the road our prison system is traveling down. That is why we do our best to report on these famous prisoners whenever news spreads. These felons symbolize what issues we need to work towards solving, and we can only properly do so if they’re consistently reported on in our media.

Whether it’s the harsh sentencing of White Boy Rick or even Meek Mill’s goal towards proper reform, there’s a lot we can learn from these felons, all while emphasizing that they aren’t inhuman boogeymen, but indeed, people. Even the unrepentant ones.

Of course, if you’re still looking for other ways that our system and life after prison can be improved, feel free to check out past roundups. Also, feel free to consider donating towards our new app, PrisonLift: an app designed to make it easier to visit inmates and keep felons out of prison after their sentences!

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