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Prison Workers Committee Calls for Action Against GEO Group’s NWDC

More than 200 inmates at Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington began a hunger strike on August 21. They also ceased all prison labor as part of the nationwide prison strike of 2018.

Prisoners at NWDC have already gone on three hunger strikes so far this year alone. GEO Group, a FOR PROFIT private prison corporation, operates NWDC for ICE officials. Currently, it’s one of America’s largest immigration prisons.

WA Judge Condemns Private Prison Company ‘GEO Group’ for Forced Immigrant Labor

Complaints Lead to Threats for NWDC Prison Strikers

Four of the biggest complaints for striking NWDC inmates are:

  1. Inadequate food
  2. Lack of medical care
  3. FORCED prison labor with pay for $1 per day
  4. No contact or prison visits from families allowed

Both GEO Group and ICE have done nothing to address any of these concerns. Instead, they choose to suppress any efforts to protests through:

  • Physical violence against inmates
  • Threats against the prisoners
  • Solitary confinement
  • Lying about the situation altogether

Back in July, guards, who work for GEO Group, announced that one unit at the facility was on fire. This was an outright lie.

Protesting inmates had to be evacuated for the FAKE fire. They were then sent to intake, where GEO authorities interrogated them about the protests.

You Too Can Support the Prison Strikes

NWDC Resistance is an “outside the walls” prison support group. They are calling on prison loved ones and advocates to support the prison’s hunger strikers.

With your help, they believe they can force ICE to meet the prison strike demands. They also want to ensure that GEO Group officials don’t retaliate against any of the striking prisoners.  

Hunger Strike Handbook
Hunger Strike Handbook. Image Source: Karani

Nationwide Prison Strike: Four Basic Demands

There are only four basic demands being presented to prison authorities. They should be taken seriously because they are fundamental needs and rights of any human being, immigrant or not:

  1. Better healthcare
  2. Adequate food
  3. Minimum wage for NWDC prison labor
  4. Contact visits with family, including their children

How to Support the NWDC Prison Strike

NWDC Resistance is calling on all prison advocates and loved ones to support the strike at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.


Monday, August 27 from 9AM to 5PM PST

  1. Acting Field Director, Bryan S. Wilcox, (206) 835-0650 Ext. 2
  2. Assistant Field Director (Detention) William Penaloza, (253) 779-6000 Dial Ext 1, wait for message, then dial 4


  1. To meet the demands of the inmates on the hunger strike at NWDC
  2. Do NOT retaliate against the private prison’s immigrant hunger strikers

US Inmates Strike for Fair Wages: Authorities Downplay Nationwide Impact

ICE Denies Existence of Hunger Strikers

Currently ICE authorities continue to deny the hunger strike is even happening. They also claim that all of their detainees are fed through the prison commissary.

This is an outright lie!!!

All foods within the commissary of the prison must be purchased by inmates. Nothing in the commissary if free!

And, since these immigrant detainees only make $1 PER DAY for their prison labor, how is this possible? They have to save up money for weeks in order to purchase a valuable amount of goods worth consuming.

Therefore, unless their loved ones on the outside are sending them money, there is no way they can afford to buy from the commissary.

FAIR PRISON WAGES could help with that!

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