An image of Michael Eddings holding his son when he was still alive.
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Prisoner Dies in Alabama Prison: Family Cries Foul Over Medical Care

On 24th September, Michael Eddings died of meningitis in the Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Eddings was serving a life sentence for murder

On the 24th of September, an inmate died in a full and overcrowded Ventress Prison in Southeast Alabama. Michael Eddings, 45, died of meningitis, a disease that involves the spinal cord and the brain. Eddings was serving life in prison for murder charges in Jefferson County.

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At first, Eddings contracted a bacterial infection. According to a law firm representing his family, the bacterial infection developed into meningitis and lead to his death. A disease outbreak in the facility was confirmed by the health agency of the state.

Inadequate Medical Care in Prison for Michael Eddings

Edding’s loved ones say, before his death, the officials at the correctional facility provided medical care that was inadequate.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the family of the late Eddings accused workers at the facility of being deliberately indifferent to Eddings’s condition.

The loved ones insisted insufficient care was provided by the prison officials. This led to the spread of the bacterial infection.

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According to Edding’s relatives, his death could have been avoided.  The relatives said, going forward, the Alabama Department of Corrections must put in place specific measures. This is in order to ensure avoidable deaths do not happen in the state’s facilities.

According to prison officials, an autopsy was set to be done on Eddings. Matthew Bailey, the family attorney, confirmed by the 1st of October, nothing had been done.

The family wants to know what really is happening at the correctional facility. The family has vowed to pursue justice for Eddings who died a needless death.

The infection has not only affected Eddings. The State Health Department confirmed two other inmates have developed the illness that killed Michael. They said the two had been hospitalized.

Overcrowding: The Reason Behind Poor Medical Care?

Ventress is a medium-security prison, located 75miles southeast of Montgomery. The facility should house a maximum of 650 inmates.

Following records, the facility was overcrowded in July. It had 1,277 inmates. The officials have always remained quiet about the prison conditions.

An image of Michael Eddings holding his son when he was still alive.
Michael Edding’s (pictured above with his son) death will serve as a future example when it comes to loved ones discussing an important issue when it comes to prison conditions: medical negligence. Image Source: Montgomery Advertiser

In a statement, the Department of Public health said the DOC workers will give antibiotics to the staff and inmates. They will provide the antibiotics to those who had close contact with the inmates that contracted the infection.

Vaccinations will also be administered to inmates. The department has been tussling with lawsuits over psychiatric and medical treatment given to the prisoners.

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