A group of Issue 1 supporters posing for a picture.
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Prisons & Death: What You Need to Know About Issue 1 Ohio

Issue 1 Ohio is set for the ballot. It seeks to reduce the sentences for drug-related offences. There are proponents and supporters with their arguments.

Coroners in Ohio have a big problem with an agenda on the statewide ballot. Their association has voiced their concerns. They state they will not support the measures that make it harder to prosecute drug traffickers and dealers.

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Problems with Issue 1 Ohio

Coroners have talked about how Issue 1 Ohio aids in the re-sentencing of drug dealers. This move will put drug criminals back in the streets. They will continue polluting the community with their drugs.

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Dr. Lisa Mannix, Butler County Coroner, says she has witnessed overdose death rates double in the past 4 years. She says the measures of prison reform that emphasize emptying the prisons will only increase deaths. For Dr. Mannix, Issue 1 Ohio is counterproductive.

The General Elections

Voters in Ohio are set to go to the polls in November. They decide if they will pass the Issue 1 Ohio amendment. In the event Issue 1 Ohio passes, all drug-related cases become nothing more than misdemeanors.

Supporters of Issue 1 Ohio

Dennis Willard is one of the people supporting the Issue 1 Ohio campaign. He argues that passing the amendment, it will bring a lot of benefits. According to him, many are dying from drug addiction. This bill will actually help treat drug addicts.

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A group of Issue 1 supporters posing for a picture.
With how many people are concerned with excessive sentencing over drugs, it’s no wonder why Issue 1 Ohio is picking up traction as of late. Image Source: WYSO

Details of the Issue 1 Ohio Amendment

This is what the Issue 1 Ohio amendment is about:

  • Incarcerated people, except those incarcerated for rape, child molestation or murder, will have their sentences reduced. The sentences will be reduced by 25% only if the incarcerated person takes part in an educational program or rehabilitative work.
  • All criminal offenses involving possession and use of drugs will not be ranked as a felony but a misdemeanor:
    • Heroin
    • Cocaine
    • Fentanyl
    • Methamphetamine
    • Other drugs
  • No jail time will be given to anyone found in possession or using those drugs. Only if the person commits the mistake three times in a span of 24 hours.
  • All persons charged with possession, usage or obtaining any of these drugs before the amendment date can request the court to reduce their conviction to a misdemeanor. Even if the sentence is completed or not.
  • Funding required that involves project savings are to be petitioned to criminal victims funds and state-administered rehabilitation programs.
  • There should be a graduated series of responses for minor, offenses that are non-criminal like:
    • Jail time
    • Drug treatment
    • Community service

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