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Nine-Point Resolution Seeks Help for Children of Incarcerated Parents in Nebraska Prisons

The Department of Corrections state that there are nearly 9,000 inmates in state prisons in Nebraska, and that almost two-third of these inmates account have children of incarcerated parents. This revelation underscores the fact that innocent children are the real victims when parents get incarcerated in local jails or state/federal prisons.

This report encouraged Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks of Lincoln to introduce a 9-point resolution that examines the plight of children of incarcerated parents. Children of imprisoned parents are a vulnerable group that requires help.

Resolutions That Would Help Care For Children of Incarcerated Parents

children of ncarcerated parentsThe resolution for Children of Incarcerated Parents will examine prison policies that pertain to –

  • Prison visitation and calls
  • Location where parents serve out their sentences
  • Reducing recidivism for released parents
  • Creating child-friendly programs for kids for imprisoned parents
  • Institutional reforms and correctional programs for families

A 2010 study carried out by Pew Center indicates that over 2.7 million children have parents in US prisons. This means one out of 28 kids have at least one parent incarcerated. Meanwhile, Nebraska is among the US states with highest number of incarcerated populations. This means that children in Nebraska are among those with the highest number of parents in jails and prisons.

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Jails and Prisons Are To Correct, Reform And Bring Penitence

The moment a parent goes to prison, they come out a changed person. But their responsibilities to their kids remain unchanged no matter how long they stay away in prison. In fact, many incarcerated parents are tortured with the thoughts that they are isolated from their children with no one to really oversee them.

The guilt of abandoning their kids while serving a prison sentence has driven some parents to be truly reformed, while driving others to drastic actions.

Several US jails and prisons are named according to the purposes they are supposed to serve. Some are called corrections, reformatory, and penitentiary.

This goes to indicate that the facilities are set up to correct, reform or make inmates penitent for their misdeeds. Whatever the prisons are purposed to achieve in the lives of inmates, no formal system is set up to watch over their kids and care for them as their parents would.

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