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The Real Experience of Having an Incarcerated Parent

Having a parent in prison is one of the most difficult things a child can go through. Your parent is not away from you because they choose to be but due to unforeseen circumstances. Both parties are suffering but there does not seem to be any real solution.

According to the Children of Incarcerated Parents Organization there are nearly three million children in the United states with one parent in prison. One in nine black children, one in twenty-eight Latino children and one in fifty-seven white children in the United States has a parent in prison.

There are a multitude of adverse effects on children who have an incarcerated parent including but not limited to mental health issues, emotional difficulties, homelessness and physical health problems.

Incarcerated parents are also suffering because they struggle with knowing their children is growing up without them and they are not present to provide emotional or financial support.

It is also important to note that children with incarcerated parents do not just feel their absence at home but also at school. These children are often bullied and labeled ‘bad’ by their fellow classmates. This added difficulty makes it immensely difficult for them to succeed academically.

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Incarcerated parent

It’s essential that Bill of Rights for Children With Incarcerated Parents, be created to guarantee parent-child contact visits. This would reduce the effects of having jailed parents significantly.

Unfortunately, that might not happen soon, especially with Trump administration that is busy making racially discriminatory drug laws.

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