Prison Phone Calls
Prison Phone Calls

Montana Wants Regulations on Phone Calls Between Inmates and Their Prison Loved Ones

The Montana Public Service Commission has sought the public’s comments on its proposal. Its commissioners have proposed to limit the amount of the charges applied to phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones.

Montana Public Service Commission wants to regulate the costs of phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones statewide.
Montana Public Service Commission wants to regulate the costs of phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones statewide.

Those opposing the purposed changes argue that the recommended rates wouldn’t allow the carriers to make back their money. Commissioner Tony O’Donnell explains that the commission doesn’t want businesses to make losses.

However, O’Donnell explains that inmate phone calls aren’t supposed to be profit-making focused. Many prison loved ones are expressing frustration with the suggested quality of service and the enormous phone call prices.

Present & Proposed Rates for Inmate Calls

The Costs of Phone Calls between Inmates and Their Prison Loved Ones

Currently, inmate calls in Montana range between 20 cents to $1 per minute. The proposed measure would put a cap on all calls from Montana jails and prisons as follows:

  • Collect Calls: 25 cents per minute
  • Prepaid Phone Card Calls: 21 cents per minute

The goal, as said by Chairman Brad Johnson, of R-East Helena is to establish a consistent and equitable rate across the state. In other words, the costs of phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones should not fluctuate from facility to facility.

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However, the Commission’s ultimate decision won’t affect incoming and outgoing calls from the Montana State Prison located in Deer Lodge. The facility’s cost for inmate calls is currently fixed at 14-cents per minute.

Montana Public Service Commission Changes Long Overdue

The suggestion comes a few days after Tyrel Suzor-Hoy has officially declared his candidacy for the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) in District 5. Suzor-Hoy is a lifelong, 5th generation Montanan. He, therefore, believes that he had a deep love and admiration for the state.

Suzor-Hoy said that he is humbled by the incredible opportunity to serve such a wonderful place. For him, the people of Montana are among his best he has met in his entire life. He said  he would be honored to be their new Public Service Commissioner.

Montana State Prison (MSP)
Montana State Prison (MSP)

In contrast, Suzor-Hoy believes that Chairman Brad Johnson is the reason why Montana’s premier energy company has been degraded. He blamed the current commission and Johnson’s short-sighted decisions, for the recent poor rating of the company. The company has deteriorated to a “sell” rating.

Over the last few years, it has been experiencing comparatively worse price fluctuations than in the past few years. Suzor-Hoy insisted that the current deterioration is not an acceptable hardship for Montana. And also for the hard-working folks of the State of Montana.

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Without stability, Suzor-Hoy said, Montana won’t be able to join other states in the implementing some important aspects. For instance, he claimed:

  • Montana won’t manage to implement innovative energy solutions
  • The State won’t be able to have the profound job increase that accompanies the states which are capable enough to dream big

New Leadership Could Bring Changes to Costs of Prison Calls in Montana

 For Suzor-Hoy, the current state of Montana is not what many know and love it for. So, he promised to do everything in his power, as Public Service Commissioner to change things. This includes regulating the costs of phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones.

He promised to fix the current incompetent commission by implementing some new policies. The intention is to propel Montana into the next generation of energy technology. Suzor-Hoy said that he would work on every aspect, to ensure that Montana gets to its best position. He pledged to:

  • Bring new jobs without interfering with the city’s vivid landscapes
  • Ensure that Montanans don’t have to be compelled to choose between their medication or energy bill
  • Lower the rates while providing the best service
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As a candidate, Suzor-Hoy declared to bring to the table:

  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • No empty promises.

Are you impressed with what this Public Service Commissioner candidate has to say?

Do you think he cares enough to regulate the costs of phone calls between inmates and their prison loved ones?

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