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Prisoner’s Fiance: Release Date Changes

It is incredibly frustrating to have a loved one in prison. It is an amazing feeling when their release date is set for an earlier date. A particular blogger spoke about her experience with her significant other getting released earlier than expected.

Sometimes when a good thing happens, you just accept it without thinking. However, there are a multitude of reasons why someone may get released earlier.

For example, some prisoners are released due to literal good behavior. If your loved one has never been written up in prison they have a much greater chance of getting out early.

Another reason a prisoner may get out of prison earlier is that he is a Level 1 prisoner. This type of a prisoner is one that has more responsibility and even works outside of the prison grounds. These prisoners are deemed non threats to society so they are released earlier.

One of the most common reasons for a prisoner getting early release is that the prison is simply overcrowded. Due to this overcrowding, prisoners who have served over seventy percent of their sentences are released.

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Therefore, always remember to encourage your loved one to have good behavior. It could let them out earlier than expected.

As far as his release date, well, that’s a subject he and I just do not discuss much anymore. Officially, the latest release is January, 2014. But, due to the prison overcrowding conditions in California, many changes have taken place in 2011. The California Prison Reform policies have opened up new categories that will allow many inmates to be released earlier than originally expected.

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