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‘Released’ Brings Prison Families & Officials Together to Celebrate Hope (Video)

Just recently U.S. Attorney John Horn, Gov. Nathan Deal, and former inmates gathered to celebrate a documentary: Released: When Does The Sentence End?

Gov. Nathan Deal at the Atlanta premiere of the movie Released on Aug. 23.
Gov. Nathan Deal at the Atlanta premiere of the movie Released on Aug. 23.

Also present were clergy, business and nonprofit heads who are working to assist in preparing inmates for jobs upon their release.

All the stakeholders above were featured in the documentary: Released: When Does The Sentence End?”

 Released Inmates Should Not Be Judged By Their Past

Deal said that measures are still required to be done by those in authority. This includes notifying the public that the inmates are gaining some valuable skills in the prison.

Released: When Does The Sentence End? specifically was created to show the outside world that those released from prisons, can come out as changed men.

The U.S. Department of Justice encouraged the production of this film with one aim: To show the outside world how those released from the prisons continue to suffer from the consequences of their past mistakes.

At one point in the movie, you see the outside public being interviewed about their opinions on the released prisoners.

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Released: When Does The Sentence End? – It Asks the Hard Questions

John Horn, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, leads a panel discussion after the movie 'Released'
John Horn, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, leads a panel discussion after the movie ‘Released’

When asked if they would hire a former convict, multiple people in the street agreed that they would. However, majority insist that they can do so only if the former prisoner is not a murderer.

But this is where a majority of the public get it wrong, according to Daily Report. The fact that someone did take a life 20 years ago, does not mean that person will continue to kill.

One Murder Profiled in ‘Released’

To assure the public that those who were once convicted of murder are not always bad people, Released: When Does The Sentence End? features one person who is convicted of murder.

The convict can be seen admitting to the viewers that he took away a life when he was 18 years old. However, he emphasizes that he should not be judged today as a killer.

Upon their releases, the former prisoners do have financial needs like anyone else. Therefore, if we deny them opportunities like jobs, Dean said, they are likely to go back to prisons for new crimes.

Statistics of Re-Imprisonment

It is likely that most of the prisoners will one day be released. Here are some stats about re-imprisonment, according to the movie:

  • 30% of them are more likely to be re-imprisoned within a year of release
  • 60% of them are likely to be rearrested within three years
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The film also aims to reduce the high cost of recidivism. The movie reveals that one scenario of recidivism usually cost the state (tax payer) $118,000.

Released Prisoners Can Still Be Employed

Released: When Does the Sentence End?
Released: When Does the Sentence End?

And to prove to the world that the former prisoners can still get jobs and live normal lives, Deal pointed out the former inmates who are now employed.

In the movie, Deal told a story pertaining Blue Bird Corp. Blue Bird Corp (Read More Jail to Job Employers) is the America’s leading manufacturer of school buses.

He pointed out that the company is willing to employ skilled welders regardless of whether they were prisoners or not.

The company has already hired those who left prisons with certifications and training. They are employed and now living normal lives.

Released: When Does The Sentence End? shows the viewers how several inmates have left prisons as changed men and women, got jobs and stayed peacefully in their families.

The movie is actually a call to action for the viewers to initiate conversation and spread the word that ex-convicts can also live a normal life.

Video: Released: When Does The Sentence End? (Trailer)

Check out the trailer for the documentary Released: When Does The Sentence End? It was uploaded to YouTube by US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia:

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Recidivism is a major issue in this country.

What types of programs do you believe actually work towards lowering recidivism rates in the US?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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