Reverend Al Sharpton & His National Action Network are on Meek Mill's Side.
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Reverend Al Sharpton Promises to Meet Rapper Meek Mill in Prison Today

Human rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton promised to visit Hip Hop star Meek Mill to bring attention to mass incarceration. His prison visit is scheduled for today.

The former adviser to President Barack Obama will meet with Mill today, November 27. Sharpton says he is hopeful his visit will serve to draw attention to Mill’s plight and the problem of mass incarceration in the United States.

Meek Mills Case in a Nut Shell

30-year-old Mill, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, is sentenced by Judge Genece Brinkley to two to four years in prison for probation violation.

The rapper has been facing one sentencing to the other for slight probation violations since his first incarceration for gun and drug offenses in 2008.

Some of these violations include silly acts such as riding a bicycle on a residential street to missing an appointment with a parole officer.

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Mill’s Attorneys Have Filed 3 Motions for with Demands

Mill’s current sentencing to 2-4 in prison has outraged fans and civil activists across the country. Hundreds of supporters have staged rallies to protest his sentencing, and top colleagues in the music industry openly criticized Judge Brinkley for being biased with her ruling.

Some even call for her removal or recusal from Mill’s case, and others ask that there be a re-sentencing favorable for the rapper.

Reverend Al Sharpton & His National Action Network are on Meek Mill's Side.
Reverend Al Sharpton & His National Action Network are on Meek Mill’s Side. Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Mill’s attorneys have filed three motions demanding for –

  • Judge Genece Brinkley’s recusal or disqualification from the case
  • Modification of sentence ruling
  • Request for bail

Many colleagues of Mills have criticized Brinkley for her insensitivity since the rapper would be absent from Thanksgiving celebrations.

“This Is Not About An Artist. This Is About a System,” Sharpton Says

Mill’s lead attorneys, Brian McMonagle and Joe Tacopina said:

“The Judge’s lack of attentiveness to this matter is a travesty.

While Meek fights for his freedom in prison, the Judge is out of town and neglecting to acknowledge a single motion that we’ve filed on his behalf.

It’s heartbreaking that Meek will have to spend his Thanksgiving away from his loved ones while the Judge continues to abuse her judicial power.”

Considering his scheduled meeting with the rapper, Reverend Sharpton said the outcry over Mill’s incarceration is much more than about him really:

“This is not about an artist. This is about a system.”

Reverend Al Sharpton is the leader of the National Action Network, a civil rights group headquartered in Harlem, NY.

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