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RHONJ Husband Joe Giudice Moved to NYC Prison Facility for His Own Safety

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, husband of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was moved to a NYC prison. Joe filed for transfer from the Federal Correctional Institute Fort Dix, NJ because of the way he was treated there.

Joe Giudice mugshot
Joe Giudice Mugshot. Image Source: Daily Mail

He is now incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York City. The RHONJ husband is expected to be moved to another federal prison in Allenwood, PA, USA Today reports.

Reasons Joe Giudice & Wife Teresa Giudice Were Both Sentenced to Prisons

The Italian-born American was sentenced to 41 months in jail in October 2014 for fraud related charges. Giudice began his prison sentence only after his wife Teresa had completed her 15-month sentencing. Some of the couple’s convictions are based on the following:

  • Falsification of loan applications
  • Concealment of assets
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Failure to file a federal income tax return despite earning $245,000 the year before
  • Conspiration to commit mail and wife fraud

Following the conviction and incarceration of reality TV character Joe Giudice, he filed a complaint in court. The no-famous prisoner alleged that being incarcerated at the facility was calculated to make him face a deportation hearing.

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Teresa Giudice’s husband said he is considered a “deportable alien” with the kind of treatment dished out to him at the prison facility. This treatment included being disqualified from participating in an alcohol abuse program.

Joe Breaks Down Ahead Of Prison Sentence
Joe Breaks Down Ahead Of Prison Sentence. Image Source: Radar Online

Famous Prisoner & RHONJ Husband May Be Released Early

 Since no inmate could come before an immigration judge in South Jersey because of the state laws, he requested for prison transfers. But, a federal prosecutor has stated that Joe Giudice’s application for transfer to another prison is useless.

This prosecutor said this is because Giudice’s destination facility presents the opportunity to challenge the latter’s immigration status.

Joe has applied to be part of a residential drug abuse program. Successful completing this program could make him eligible for being released from prison a year earlier than his scheduled date.

41-year-old RHONJ Husband Joe Giudice is scheduled for release in March 2019.

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